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  1. Episode 315: Fixing Franchises

    They added many new factions, units, and unique gameplay mechanics. For example Sylvanian have necromancy(on strategic map ofcourse) and Dance macabre tactical map ability which empowers all of their undead units just like in Warhammer FB lore.
  2. Episode 315: Fixing Franchises

    I believe that before playing Warhammer: Total War, Rob and other panelists MUST try out the mod they mentioned in this podcast which is called Call of Warhammer Total War. It has all of the things which latest Total War installments kind of lack, like great Diversity in gameplay between factions and constant challenge. It is also evident when you play it how much effort is put into this mod, and this could add to your enjoyment f it even more. So guys, c'mon and get your hands on the latest beta of Call of Warhammer(1.6 I believe), and let the Blood God Knorne get his tribute.
  3. Taking Questions for next Q&A Show!

    I always wondered whether any of your regular panelists played one of my favorite 4Xs Sword of the Stars. This game really got me into the strategy genre back in the day. It has great and fun combat system, distinct races, interesting and impactful random encounters which could alter the course of the game and so forth. It's really a shame it got kind of forgotten so maybe you could talk about it for a bit?