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  1. I'm sorry Clyde if I was hard to understand English is not my first language. What I meant when I said you can't complain that's a good thing I think £15 (which is roughly $30) is a good price. Of course your never going to beat the price of items on the Steam sale but I don't mind paying full price if that game is good and not "broken" especially from indie developers. Hello Tberton, that sounds brilliant! I will definitely buy this in fact I will do it just now. I like combat I do but sometimes I don't like it and I just want to grow my city/nation/empire without having to go into battle with people so this sounds perfect. Being in "Early Access" doesn't bother me I was not sure what it was but I read up on it a few days ago the money they get from people who buy they game in EA helps them finish and or imrpove the game depending on how many EA buys they get. So if your going to buy it anyway you should help the developers in my opinion. Thank you very much for this suggestions and thank you both for your time. Best Wishes, Edie x
  2. First of all thank you both for taking the time to reply (thanks again Clyde). Hi Clyde TLF looks really interesting with the DLC it's £20 so I think I'll pick that up at the weekend. It was not on my radar but I see there is a thread about it so I'll read that and check YouTube but you can't complain when the game is only £14.99. I am not sure if you will read this again Clyde but I don't want to bother you with PMs but have you played Endless Space? I have not played it and it has mixed reviews from what I've read but I am interested even know it looks rather simplistic compared to other games I have looked at in the genre. Hello Dewar I've had a quick glance at Massive Chalice on Steam not having heard of either game I can't say much about them but any game with bloodlines and marriages is pretty cool. I'm not a fan of the art style but it's not important and can be forgiven in an indie title. I'll have do some research on that one on the other hand Invisible, Inc. looks quite good and I may get that at some point in the future. Moving on to the mice I have a cheap one just now and it's not really suitable for use over long periods because of my MS I'm left handed but for some strange reason I've always used my right hand for the mouse. My right hand is affect the most by the MS and it can get very painful to use the mouse for too long. I think it's partly due to the shape I have an old Apple mouse (circa 1997) that avoids this problem but it only has one button and most games freak out when I try to use it. Many thanks to you both take care. Edie x
  3. Hi Everyone, I don't have much past experience with games but have been playing a lot of strategy games since I was given a new computer. I picked up CK II and EU IV in the Steam Summer sale and I'm throughly enjoying both although I decided to start my first full play though on EU IV rather than CK II as I prefer that time peroid. I'm kicking myself for not buying Hearts of Iron when it was on sale but I didn't know about it and when I saw it recommended in my mind I confused it with Company of Heroes which one of my friends plays. Hearts of Iron with the DLC is only £30 on Steam though so I am going to buy it anyway. I found the tutorials for both EU IV and CK II rather poor and although I completed them I learned the basics through watching "Let's Plays" on YouTube and making few mistakes along the way of course. I can't find a good Let's Play of HoI III on YouTube if you know of anyway would you be so kind as to let me know either in a reply or a PM and do you have any tips for HoI III Many thanks for your time. Edie x
  4. Thank you for your time Clyde I appreciate you didn't just fire off X and Y why and would rather put some thought into your answer. Looking at turn-based games I am quite happy with I am currently playing both Crusader Kings II and Europa Universalis IV are extremely good. I would welcome more games of this style but I cannot see how they can be expanded on unless they used a fantasy and or futuristic setting. Turning to RTS games I have finished Grey Goo and StarCraft, SC: Brood War and both StarCraft II campaigns. I do like multiplayer however I do like the to play the campaigns and do the challenges etc. I have looked at the recommendations on Steam and I don't mind playing older games the quality of the graphics doesn't matter to be as long as the gameplay mechanics are fine. Settings wise I would prefer science fiction but I will play anything. While looking for recommendations I came across a few "4x" games I am not familiar with this genre. They seem to be based in space and involve some strategy so I am interested in this also but I have never played this style of game. Thank you again for your time I hope you have a nice day. Best Wishes, Edie x
  5. Hello Everyone, I am a newcomer to the fourm I had not visited the prior to joining but I have enjoyed reading some of the threads here and there is some good content so I decided to sign up. My Boyfriend recently built a new computer because he had been given some very expensive graphics cards and for some reason it was worth his while doing so. Thus I inherited his old computer which is far superior to my old PC which was not really suitable for games. For the most part I enjoy strategy games most of wall either turn-based or real-time I'm not fussed. I bought several games (including all the DLC) in the "Steam Summer Sale" including Crusader Kings II, Europa Universalis IV, Sid Meier's Civilization V and Grey Goo. All of which I enjoy however my favourite game so far has been Starcraft and Starcraft II. Although there is many (many) hours of gameplay in the games I listed I am curious as to what else is what else is out there. If you could recommend anything I would really appreciate it. Although online multiplayer is a bonus it's not essential I am quite happy to play the campaign. Perhaps I should post another thread as these are not strategy games but I am interested in DOTA 2 and Heroes of the Storm but don't know how to play them... Finally my keyboard and mouse were very basic OEM models. I needed a new keyboard and mouse so after doing some reading and what not I bought a Filco keyboard on the condition I could send it back if I didn't like it. I am still searching for a mouse that would be good for RTS/SC II if you assist again I would be grateful. I do not think the keyboard and mouse will improve my gameplay. After a certain point I struggle with APM as I have Multiple Sclerosis I am quite happy in the "Platinum League". Be it lack of skill or physical limitation I do not think I will progress further however I want to make a litter easier/more comfortable with a good mouse and board; Thank you very much for reading. Best Wishes, Edie x