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  1. Oh! I just remembered the diamonds were in it (and the only cash he had in the world, without the suitcase). Ok, that makes a lot more sense.
  2. Why did Frank effectively commit suicide? Did "give me your suit" have an unspoken "...so I don't get blood on it", and it's obvious he was dead already? For a second I thought they were going to let him walk out of there (naked).
  3. I don't think it's even possible for pregnant women to die in Fallout Shelter? When I played they would leave any room with raiders or a disaster, and you can't send them into the wasteland. When I quit playing I had 3 women that had bugged out and were perpetually pregnant and I had no way to get rid of them (I was nowhere near the population cap)
  4. I don't think I saw anyone else mention that the very first scene of the first episode is of that field of markers indicating toxic soil.
  5. Yeah, I also don't think Vince Vaughn is that bad in this role. Maybe because I haven't really seen him in anything other than trailers, so haven't typecast him?
  6. I'm glad we got to see the psychotic gangster side of Frank. It's been hard to know what to make of his character as so far being all bark and no bite. I can't help but think of parallels with Stringer Bell in The Wire, trying to get into the big political level corruption game, but ending up way over his head. I'm not really sure how to interpret the last scene, but I guess we'll see how far back Frank slides into old gangster ways.
  7. Was Annie spending her night viewing hardcore porn because that's what she's into, or researching leads given by the psychiatrist guy, or checking up on her sister (ugh)? With the sex act that caught her dude off guard in episode 1, I think this has to be leading somewhere. Did she know the victim, a "passive" sex addict, from performing for him? Did her sister know him? My theory right now is she was definitely involved in the same seedy sex circles as the victim at one point, and her history with this is why she's so concerned with her sister being a sex worker (going down same path).
  8. Mystery solved, thanks whoever's on the @DetectiveWeekly twitter account!
  9. What was up with the actual tiny woman floating in a bowl of milk? It's clearly a composite shot and not a doll. All I can think of is it's an "outrageous" (as Chris described the Maltese Falcon in the car) nod to Lynch and the tiny people in Mulholland Drive, but that's a weird stretch. Bizarre.