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  1. Idle Weekend November 20, 2016: Electing Better

    @TokyoDan It's not always exactly the deportation issue, but the increased 'be ready to show your papers' powers that authorities would have carrying this out, and how enforcement of this would dis-proportionally affect non-white legal citizens.
  2. Overwatch - That time Blizzard made a non-Diablocraft game.

    Competitive has been a mixed back for me, I kinda wanted to check it out in solo Q and had 1 great game where the other team was much worse and we stomped, 1 bad game where one guy was in voice chat calling everyone newbs, and 1 game where we lost, likely really outmatched, but at least people were relatively friendly in chat. The placement games sortof make me feel just like a random cog in whatever matchmaking decides though.
  3. Woof.

    Beware of Purina Triangles Shapes
  4. Overwatch - That time Blizzard made a non-Diablocraft game.

    Played this during the recent beta weekend and had a real great time with it, probably most fun I've had with a multiplayer shooter in a long time. I actually enjoy the absence of that grindy progression had actually started to turn me off of shooters. Being able to dive right in to any character immediately without a handicap was refreshing, letting me just explore the playstyle and role of each one. Once I got going, completely forgot about the lack of loadout stuff, to me the game works pretty well on it's own terms.
  5. Woof.

    My GF loves this hilarious looking dog we saw on petfinder, it looks like his head is too small for his body
  6. Official Giant Bomb Thread Mostly for Complaining About Dan

    Yep it was the most unprofessional of Fridays for sure. I might have to watch that first hour or so again just to soak it all in.
  7. Stardew Valley

    The only thing kinda 'hard' about this game was getting the hang of the fishing, I'm fine with it now, but those first few days it was kinda frustrating, since that's also when I really needed to catch some damn sardines! Could this be the Dark Souls of fishing sims??? I also know I wasted some time getting going in my first fall and it's really nagging me.
  8. Idle Thumbs PS4 Community

    Now you can search so this community will be easier to find
  9. Official Giant Bomb Thread Mostly for Complaining About Dan

    I gotta agree, between Kerbal and the American Trucker playdate we are getting some awesome Vinny action recently, and Austin is such a good presense on the Kerbal show. I'm not as big a fan of watching the more narrative game videos, so I hope they keep this sort of thing up.
  10. Better Call Saul

    They intentionally made the intro bad looking, like some sort of VCR era public access look, including the cut at the end. There was an interview where the creators hilariously say "hey these other title sequences on shows are so nice, let's make a shitty one like some lowest bidder video guy Saul would use"
  11. Idle Thumbs 248: The Bear's Black Heart

    That ending is some of the best Video game podcasting of our time, the weeks of buildup, the big plot twist, people were stabbed in the back, bears were sawed in the front, thank you for that Chris & Nick.
  12. Hearthstone: Because what Magic really needed was F2P mechanics

    So now they are adding formats! I think this is very exciting since gives you another format without the entrenched Naxx/GvG cards like Shredder and Boom, yay!
  13. Making Music. Tunes by Idle Thumbsters

    I'm a big Ableton Live fan for just how easy it makes it to translate from brain -> song once you get past the initial hurdle of the jam-packed interface. Even the version that comes bundled in with some hardware is pretty powerful.
  14. Movie/TV recommendations

    I'm really liking the Expanse on scifi, it took me a bit to warm to some of the actors but the worldbuilding is exquisite and it's nice to see something that ambitious.
  15. Woof.

    When she started to dig I remember reading somewhere that you could train them not to dig at all, or just train them where not to dig, so I just let her dig in that one spot for 8+ years (because I thought it would be hilarious). Before I moved from that place a few months back it measured over 3 ft deep, contained 4 tennis balls and a few muddy toys and had occasionally even had 2 dogs fit in it.