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  1. This, this, 1000x this. 'Lynchian' is being thrown out there with wreckless abandon on weekly think pieces and it's undeserved. These director's are not the primary storytellers and do not have the chops to come even close to invoking the emotions of a David Lynch directed piece. It takes place near Muholland drive, that's it. Any other coincidences are incidental. I am so board by this season. I care nothing about the main mystery and the main characters are all detestable and uninteresting. The closeted cop story is so played out. Vincent D'onofrio just destroyed as the passive businessman/psychotic gangster, it's so sad to watch Vaughan stumble through the roll. I gave it three episodes, I'm done. I'll continue to listen to the podcast and wait for the season one recaps.
  2. Matt,I have to say I'm impressed with the attention to detail you exhibit in your posts and I can tell you're truly a devotee of the show. However (and please take this in the spirit its intended) I really struggled with some of the other voices on your podcast and ultimately gave up after two episodes. Some panelists were just too dismissive of the material and ended up going for a quick joke rather than a critical analysis of their reactions. And I get it, it's knee jerk reaction to something foreign or "artsy". The last straw for me was when someone called Cooper's detective skills laughable. It made me want to, as you say, "yell answers at my computer" That's just a complete misread of the show. This isn't a procedural on CBS where forensics help catch a killer within the hour. It's about feeling and intuition which is how the show's creator himself operates. I'll give the cast another go when the new episodes are out, but I hope you understand where I'm coming from
  3. So much fun to see you pop up in all the TP stuff online Joel Yea, I'm more referring to the other writers angling for a season three than Lynch. I agree Lynch is "making it his" again which is why I find it sad when people just dismiss the second season and say the show was just a miniseries flash in the pan. Joel has gone to great lengths to report on how meteoric the rise in popularity of this show was only to see it tumble in the matter of months. Those same people probably think this season 3 is just another reboot akin to Full House. When in actuality, it's something fans desperately wanted but never thought they'd see. I believe it was Keith Phipps at The Dissolve who championed the character of Cooper as (and I'm paraphrasing) the epitome of human decency and to see him cut down at the end is just so brutal. I believe Frost and Lynch had different takes on how fallible Cooper should be (that might be in Brad Dukes book?) And to not see his redemption in FWWM makes it even tougher. Joel's video on the theology Frost and Lynch are drawn to is amazing. That arthurian stuff in the script feels very much like a Frost addition. Dale Cooper's autobiography written by Mark's brother is really underrated compared to the attention Laura's secret diary gets. One thing to think about. As the host said, these two episodes aired as a Saturday night movie in June. Can you imaging someone randomly tuning over to the last 20 minutes? Sherilyn is definitely in season three, I'd bet money on it. I think Heather Graham is pretty close to confirmed as well
  4. Oh, I know the podcast you speak of, and it is very frustrating. I'd like to challenge the notion that this finale "burned it to the ground" or was even seen as a finale. The idea of creator control on how a series ends was completely foreign in 1991. IMHO, they were fighting for a 3rd season (Lynch appeared on Letterman to drum up interest) and this was the type of cliffhanger that could force it. I also don't read the red room as a lodge. I believe it is a waiting area or connective tissue between the lodges as some evidence seems to imply. And my interpretation of what happens to coop in the red room stems from two quotes: Major Briggs (episode 17): "There are powerful forces of evil in the world. It is some men's fate to face great darkness. We each choose how to react. If the choice is fear, then we become vulnerable to darkness. There are ways to resist. You, sir, were blessed with certain gifts. In this respect, you are not alone. Have you ever heard of the White Lodge?" Hawk (episode 18): "But it is said, if you confront the Black Lodge with imperfect courage, it will utterly annihilate your soul." Cooper's imperfect courage stems from his relationship to women. He goes in to rescue Annie and everything is basically going OK until he shows fear at the site of Caroline/Annie. All the failures with Caroline (please read The Autobiography of Dale Cooper for more) come roaring back and he divides into polarized halves or doppelgängers. There actually is a direct quote from Lynch on all this: http://www.amazon.com/Lynch-Revised-Chris-Rodley/dp/0571220185/ Interviewer: So, was Cooper occupied by Bob in the script before you changed it? Lynch: No, but Coop wasn't occupied by Bob. Part of him was. There are two Coops in there, and the one that came out was, you know, with Bob. More on that good Cooper in FWWM...