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  1. Not sure why I am writing this, but I attended a Game Jam some years ago (apparently 2012) where someone made this game: http://gamejolt.com/games/penis-avalanche/9374 I do not remember what the theme was that spawned this genius game, but I don't think it matters. Love from Sweden! Edit: Might possibly probably be NSFW
  2. Find it here Hey, sorry that we are so infinitely late with posting this! We had totally missed this whole forum bit, but we got a comment on the game that made me come back here and make this post. We are a couple of friends that made this game for the jam, but didn't really get to finish it. Therefore it is as it is, in all it's buggy glory. The theme for the game was Passive but Deadly. We think the idea is cool, so we will probably try to do something more with it when we have time. We are so impressed of the quality of all the games submitted to the jam, which makes it a bit awkward to post this game that we put two evenings in. Cheerios, Edvard and the team (the Idle Thumbs-fans from Gothenburg, Sweden)