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  1. Hyper Light Drifter

    Ah, yeah that's understandably frustrating to have content barred like that. I don't know if this would help, but I noticed that, for any challenges that require chain dashing over a large number of spikes, Also, unrelated: I found out a strategy for the east boss.
  2. Hyper Light Drifter

    Just finished the normal game. I'm glad that I read that article about Alex Preston's health before finishing the game. I found the general 'story' to be a little bit too abstract until I read that article. Combat-wise, I think it was just a little easier than I was hoping (so I'm looking forward to new game +), but I really like these kinds of games. I chose to unlock the multi-dash and reflect projectiles. I think the reflect projectiles seems necessary as its utility as an increase in battle options is counter-balanced by the, but the multi-dash just completely changes the experience. With multi-dashes, I felt safe zip-zooping back in and out of enemy attacks, and dashing away was always generally safe enough that I rarely had to worry about the exact hitbox size of where I landed. I guess I should try doing a runthrough without upgrades to see if the gameplay garners that kind of experience. The dash is long enough that the utility of distance outweighs timing iframes. I don't think I played before the iframes patch, so I can't say if that changed the experience. The other thing that was missing combat-wise for me was the experience of testing endurance in boss battles, though I'm anticipating + will get closer to that. Bosses didn't really have enough health that you had to master both timing actions AND keeping your mind sharp over time. I might be drawing too much off my experience with Vindictus though.
  3. The games that made you buy the system

    Playing the smash 4 demo on my 3DS led me to getting a Wii U for smash. It's the only real time for me where a specific game led to a specific console. Every other console I've bought in order to play games on it more generally. I don't think that's specific to the game, or my excitement, though. I refused to get smash 4 for the 3ds because I knew I'd break my circle pad, and there's only so much competitive style play you can do on the 3ds. I had considered getting a Wii U for over a year, but I was going back and forth about price, timing, and games. We had a Wii that we used for Project M, but my sister wanted to bring it to college to play a backlog of games she had. My roommates and I have also been trying to cultivate a better social environment at our place, so a Wii U was helpful, cuz not many people were willing to play PM or Brawl, the only multiplayer game(s) we had. It just kinda filled a bunch of holes.
  4. Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

    Just played a couple rounds of greed mode. From what I could tell, greed mode basically condensed and enhanced all the floor-by-floor resource management into only a couple of rooms. I spent a lot less time just going through the motions of killing and dodging, and (when I started as Isaac) more time trying to figure out what order to D6. I got to try a couple of the new items, but once I got mom's knife, what I had didn't mesh with it. Super Greed was interesting cuz with mom's knife there was plenty of time in his attack string to just sit near him and have the knife deal damage. I agree, a major sponge. The animation style is also much younger to me than Rebirth generally was.
  5. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hello! I am a (relatively) new person. o.o I'm also relatively new to non-free games that weren't the Nintendo ones my parents got me when I was a kid. After years of sinking thousands of hours into free mmos, I decided to stop kidding myself and admit that I am interested in video games, even critically so. (Having a friend recommend Idle Thumbs on me and also frequently chat with me about this stuff helped.) It's been a good year. EDIT: Oh wow, I am apparently so relatively new that I forgot I had already posted here. Sorry! D:
  6. Rogue Legacy

    Man, seeing people's progress in the game is elucidating something that's made me really frustrated. (Not at you guys, more circumstance.) As background, I unlocked pretty much everything in the manor by grinding the castle and the forest over and over because I assumed I wasn't powerful enough to go into the Maya or the Land of Darkness yet. 48 hours later and I still only beat the second boss. I distinctly remember being two-shot by anything in the Maya no matter how I configured my character, and I found it so unbearable trying to get a perfect, full-health run through those areas that I just quit. The path I saw to making progress was grinding enough times to unlock all the levels of health and magic up to tank everything. And to be honest the only reason why I thought I maybe didn't finish the game is because I had only found the first three columns of equipment. The fact that there were slots in the UI made me think there was more to the game, but not enough that I thought something was amiss. Until now I never looked at the wiki or heard of anyone else's experience with the game, so I just assumed my gaming experience was a complete one. Which is why I feel kinda like I pulled the carpet under my own feet now that I know that the game is actually beatable. Until now I had just assumed the unfilled UI slots for equipment were some blend of event-based collectibles (like Pokemon) or DLC that I didn't have. I'm kinda angry that I managed to get as much unlocked as I did because the game's space of play humored my patience for that long. That and the natural end that I found, that the generations of warriors just never overcome this castle, was enough for me. Blarg it's so weird being angry at oneself. I haven't played the game for probably a year now but I might go back and see if I can't learn how to actually play this game. I'm glad to hear that the game isn't literally just grinding two areas for hundreds of generations until some magic happens, and I guess I'm laughing at myself for having so much of a propensity to grind for gold.
  7. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hello! (Pardon the facelessness for the moment.) Um...I am a person, a human being in fact. o__o It has been a while since I existed in forum space and I have forgotten how communication works. I used to tank hundreds of hours into free MMOs but have recently started tanking hours into a variety of games instead. It is refreshing to not kid oneself and take one's hobbies seriously.