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  1. Speaking of numbers: The Arm mentioned the numbers '253' in episode two, and in episode three you see those numbers appear a few places. First is on the woman's watch in the purple room, and then on the dashboard clock of evil Cooper's car, when he's being observed by Good Coop from the curtains of the Red Room in episode two. There's been some mention of discrepancy of what we hear versus the subtitle itself, but I don't have answers for that. (253 in the subtitle vs 257 being heard in the dialogue). Either way, I've been taking note of the numbers in this season, ever since the Giant (or ???????? rather) mentioned '430.' at the start.
  2. I think it's intentional design for the most part, rather than limitations in technology or being okay with low budget effects. I recently had a chance to see the new David Lynch documentary "David Lynch: The Art Life", and there's a total direct connection between a lot of these effects and his paintings. They're rough around the edges, and textured in a way that really portray different feelings. Effects like Cooper falling through space feel totally in line with his painting work, and overall style. Eraserhead had a similar texture to it, but that style has kind of taken a back seat as he's moved away from doing every role on set. Inland Empire felt like a low-key return to this form, because of it's improvisational production, but the Twin Peaks effects feel like a cool marriage of it all. Episode 3 spoiler
  3. I'd agree. The effects ended up really working for me, and felt fitting rather than low budget or bad. I dunno if that's just me coming off of the original series where they cross fade an entire owl onto the head of BOB, but the imagery here is staggering. The floor in the Red Room splitting into individual pieces, and undulating up and down specifically really worked well. Some of the visual style of this reminds me of the more recent work of filmmaker Guy Maddin, specifically The Forbidden Room.
  4. It's exciting to see that Lynch is credited as the sound designer too. That's helping the whole feeling, considerably.
  5. Noticed that too. He's credited as Jean-Michel Renault though, so I assume they just have a never ending network of expendable brothers.
  6. Good deal! I'm glad it all worked out, and am looking forward to hearing more Just Cause 3 stories on the cast.
  7. Great episode as always. As someone in the middle of an upgrade, I'm curious what parts Chris put into his new PC build? Here's hoping it finally works out, and he can play some games.