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  1. [Dev Log] The Great Gatling-Gunsby

    Well, thank you! I'm definitely sticking around, you guys are super good
  2. [Dev Log] The Great Gatling-Gunsby

    ...and now, I present to you *drum roll* - The Great Gatling Gunsby! "Wait a minute... that's the same image from the last post" I hear you say, "I bet you didn't even finish the game!" But what you don't realize is that this was all part of my convoluted plan. As per my artistic intent, my game is now being re-branded as The Great Early-Access Gunsby for all intents and purposes. Joking aside, I unfortunately committed the age-old mistake of scoping for something way over my head. What sounded like a simple concept a week ago when I picked the concept for the game turned out not to be so simple. It obviously didn't help that I had no prior experience working with Unity in 2D (I sincerely hope all angles die in a fire). But fear not, I will still release the broken mess I ended up with for those of you who want to play it for whatever reason. Since there is no in-game introduction (or UI of any kind, for that matter), I'll just have to write out an old school lore dump in hopes of giving you some context: It's a calm summer in 1922. You are Jay Gunsby, a mysterious millionaire who likes to hold extravagant parties in hopes of one day catching Daisy's attention, a young girl you know from a romantic encounter in 1917 and has since been deeply in love with. But oh, no! The cops found out about your huge stash of liquor and cocaine! They're are coming to get you at this very moment - with guns - and only you possess the power to annihilate them all and protect lovely Miss Daisy and your other guests from the dangers of badly programmed AI! Thankfully you have at your disposal your trusty Cane-ling Gun, which is not at all a placeholder asset for an actual Gatling gun. But wait! Your guests have no script component, therefore they can't escape your mansion! You must use your amazing shooting skills to protect the ones you love and save the day. Except you can't, since there's no winning condition, but I digress. TL;DR: Quitting this game before I go crazy. It's been fun, though! Hope to see what you guys come up with
  3. [Dev Log] The Great Gatling-Gunsby

    Ended up not working on character generation today. Decided instead to do some AI, cops do stuff now! (Barely...) Had to do a few more art assets to go along with the gameplay stuff I've been programming. Drawing these is pretty fun, unfortunately it takes way too long... I'll probably try to reuse the cop car for the civilian cars, otherwise this would never be done in time. Here's some of the stuff I've been working on: Definitely in trouble I also did some work on the gameplay, but to be honest I'd rather keep that under wraps (I realize now that posting a dev log was probably not the best of ideas, given that I'd rather not talk too much about the game itself, oh well... )
  4. [Dev Log] The Great Gatling-Gunsby

    Currently in the process of making assets that look less terrible: Tomorrow I'll work on making a random character generator that uses modular clothing pieces.
  5. Hey guys, just dropping in to say I'm officially joining the party! I'm not entirely sure I'll be able to actually finish anything given that there's less than a week left, but I'll give it a fair shot The game will be a 2D side-scrolling posh-life simulator, wherein you play the role of Jay Gunsby, extravagant millionaire dude-man. Here's what I have so far: Pretty impressive, if I would say so myself...