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  1. [Release] Beppo's Hole

    No. The irony. It burns. The delight of working out the portrait clues only made the despair greater as I sailed over my target platform, bound for the meaty depths below. By the way, nice to meet another Irishman on the forums. =) --Rev
  2. [Release] Piercing the Fourth Dimension

    I'm not really a fan of these types of games, but I had to admire how nicely this was put together - and in Unity, no less! Great use of the uGUI. Hmm. I dug Candy Box, for a bit... maybe I should give these games another go in the future... --Rev
  3. [Release*] Bogost in the Shell

    This looks lovely and it's a nice use of the old Syndicate persuadatron mechanic. I never quite got to Nick, but I think you could do a lot more with this! I'll second Spenny - a few more levels with a nice difficulty curve would add a lot to the game. Also, so much fun to see Bogost wearing Google Glass. =P --Rev
  4. [RELEASE][Devlog] WIZARD SPORTS (Updated to v1.1!)

    Well, it looks brilliant, sounds brilliant - perfectly captures the voices of the Thumbs crew and, uh, uh, um, I can't play it because... I'm terrible at these sorts of games. I'll go back to it again shortly, but... as soon as I start to see a football pitch, my eyes glaze over. But the sheer amount of work and well-executed ideas is impressive as all hell - would love to see this taken further! --Rev
  5. [Dev Log] Bogost In The Shell

    I don't think I understand this one. Love the particle effects and the trails and the colour scheme - that's gorgeous. But I don't think I know... what I'm supposed to be doing? It took me a bit of time to realise that I could WASD - up to that point I'd just been building and destroying what I thought was a shield around my core. Do you have any further plans for this? --Rev
  6. [Release] Beppo's Hole

    I'm ashamed to admit, but I was broken by Beppo's Hole. It'll take a stronger man than me to make it to the top. The art is excellent, the portraits are a nice indicator of where to find the next platform but... gaaah, I just could not deal with the jumping sensitivity and the regular plunges to the pit of despair and also of meatballs. In addition, the double jump mechanics took me a bit of time to work out - the earlier you double jump, the greater the boost. Huh. Interesting. Would like to see more. Especially an easy mode, for the humans among us? =) --Rev
  7. [Release] Bublé Bloodborne Bloodbeef

    Thanks for making this man! Love me some adventuring, even if the puzzles wander in the direction of cat hair moustache. =) By the way, dug the careful foreshadowing of the end when Buble declares that Jake is like blood to him. That's attention to detail, that is! --Rev
  8. [Release] Unmasking the Brain Burglar

    No worries. I'm missing three whole levels in my release. =) How did you detect the mouse click? OnMouseDown or Input.GetButton("Fire1") or what? --Rev
  9. [Released] ROBOT NEWS by me, Dinosaursssssss

    This is brill. Genuine giggles when I heard the Big Dog drone - a fantastic touch. I love the day/night cycle - it's a sadly mostly-neglected feature in Unity games, given how easy it is to set up. Love how clean and appealing your world is, but the star has to be Big Dog - the rigging, the animation, just perfect. I'm sure our robot masters will appreciate this one, once they've rid the earth of the carbon-based scum that infests it. Would love to see further versions of the game - there's a lot of potential for a larger game here, infused with graveyard humour... --Rev PS: Also, second vote for Singularity Newspaper here.
  10. [Release] Unmasking the Brain Burglar

    Really liked the look and sound of this, and the idea is solid - but I could not get left mouse button to work, which was a shame. I'll keep an eye on the project and try it again in a bit - I still hope to unmask that heinous fiend! --Rev
  11. [RELEASE THE]Salacious Thumb

    Enough cubes! The thumb wins! And thus is salacious! (A little known second meaning for 'salacious' is, 'thumb with most cubes'). Game really takes off once you get off the green board - the weird angled steps are for the hardcore only - no casuals allowed! Man. Weird game, thanks for making it. =) --Rev
  12. [Release] Nineties Cockpit Freakout

    It's a hilarious idea, with some nice execution in places... but I think I really need some sound effects and more feedback if I'm going to invest time in learning how to pilot the craft. Awesome entry for the jam, though...! --Rev
  13. [Release][Testing] Mayday Mayday - Cockpit Freakout

    WOOHOO I am a freakout pro. That said - is the speed the buttons appear at randomised? I had one game where I just could not keep up - letters and numbers kept flashing up at a super-superhuman rate. Awesome abstraction of that first-time-flight-simulator feel. Really dug the music, the speedlines and the famed virtual cockpit. =) Could you take this further? Whole commands to type, levers to pull with the mouse, etc...? Though that might be taking you towards something like Artemis... --Rev
  14. [Release] You, Fisher

    This was pretty great. The paddling mechanics were a nice idea, but I coulda played a lot longer if you had more samples - the mismatch of tone and task was delicious. Nice work. =) --Rev
  15. [Release] The Lord of the Donk - A Print & Play Microgame

    I'll second zerofiftyone here, going to the effort of setting it up for Tabletop Simulator was much appreciated. Will try to play with some friends soon...! --Rev
  16. [Dev Log] What Happened To Us - a Twine game

    That was lovely. I'm surprised I enjoyed this as much as I did - my instinct with this sorta game, this sorta story, is to drive as hard and fast as I can for a horrific, rude clusterfuck ending. I blame Monkey Island - I tend to see games which are overtly serious as a venue to be a sociopathic jackass, in exactly the way I hope I'm not in real life. This was written in a concise, direct style - and the musical snippets were a disarmingly effective glimpse into the history of the central relationship. I'm not going to romanticise any particular age or time in my life, but I can totally buy into the experience of trying to share something important with an important person in your life, and jarringly, achingly failing to connect. It's good material. =) Loved the text transitions - clearly you spent a lot of time setting Twine up for this. I know very little about music - honestly, I'm a caveman on the topic, I know what I like - but I'd be interested if your final mechanics could illustrate some elements of songwriting. So far the product seems well-made - and I'd like to see more...! --Rev
  17. [Release] Pause Screen From BattleToads

    That explains a lot. I think by the time Battletoads made its way to the Amiga, the allure had somewhat worn off and the questionable port was met with more bemusement than any desire to engage. That pause screen really does sound like it'd stick in your memory, though...! Thanks for making the game, man - had fun, and now it rates as educational! =D --Rev
  18. [Dev Log] Shadow and Colossus: Back in Action

    Sweet. My own interpretation of the art style, the story and the mood/music was that we were seeing this guy's life through his note book - a sort of Secret Life of Walter Mitty for a down-and-out bagman in an eighties neo-noir. The style is immediately distinctive and it would allow you a great deal of latitude in how you treat your topic. The split between the unreliable narrator VISUALS and the presumably trustworthy audio/text would be really nice. The only thing I could ask for is perhaps larger interaction hotspots and perhaps fewer overt instructions. Additionally, gratz on working in Kelo. In truth, he's always there. And he always will be (cheesy horror sting). --Rev
  19. [Release] Poopwater, New Mexico

    Suuuper pretty. Those gradients. As the Thumbs might squeak, "So good". And I even managed to get a score of 102800, which is probably the highest score I've ever got in anything ever, so that's made my day. =) --Rev
  20. [Release] Shoot That Pizza

    Maaaaan. Loved that intro. Art reminds me of Eric Chahi's work on Future Wars and DID's Epic 3D fighter on the Amiga. The prose is direct and clear, really nice. Also dig the music. That said, it definitely became overly complicated on 'Don't Shoot That Pizza'. I mean, man, who do you think you're dealing with? Some kind of wizard? Really nice work. =) --Rev
  21. [Release] Cyperpunk Cop-Killer

    This was splendid! Five links in, it was clear this was a formidable project. Structurally, I find working murder-mysteries the most difficult to plot - to execute that in Twine is, ack, gah, scary. The prose is nicely hardboiled, the characters distinct, the neon-scented chrome-finished dystopia of Neo New England was all that I had been promised by Bladerunner, Snatcher, Bladerunner The Game, Snatcher CD, Neuromancer and Shadowrun. That was a really good time - thanks. =) And looking forward to reading this thread properly at some point, always love to see stuff on writing process... --Rev
  22. [RELEASE] Itten

    This is really nice. It's INVENTIVE. Also, appealingly awkward - trying to coordinate the rgb keys with my actions was a little tricky. =) The animations are top notch, and I really dug the colour transformation fizzle on the main character. Really nice work - could do with seeing some more of this. I'm sure you could find lots of interesting mechanics by exploiting colours, colour mixing, chromatic aberration... By the way, is there a secret I'm not good enough to get to? From the left of the starting point? =D --Rev
  23. [RELEASE] Shoot that Pizza / I Like the Hair

    That screenshake. Super satisfying shooting, zerofiftyone! The presentation was just through the goddamn roof, the Phaedrus reference was great and taking further action made me sit up and emit a quiet, worried, 'Hmm'. Awesome work, man. --Rev
  24. [Released-Esque] Dev Log] Cyberpunk Cop Killer

    Enjoyed the intro. A lot. Got to the bit where LASTNAME (good last name) comes back from the Bodega and it says, "...looks like your partner was the victim of a..." REV: Say it! SAY IT! CYBER PUNK COP KILLER REV: YESSSS. OBVIOUSLY the guy whose files appear to be innocent is the killer. Yes, search further and aha, OPEN THOSE COP KILLER FILES oh that's adorable. Okay, move on. Let's look at option three and WOAH. Okay. I am a good detective! Hmm. Well, if I choose to mete out my own brand of justice, then this will be a game called CYBER PUNK COP KILLER about a CYBER PUNK COP KILLER who kills CYBER PUNK COP KILLERs. That's irresistible. REV: "John BigDog. Heh." Woo. I liked that. Short, but atmospheric while breezy. Could definitely do with more. --Rev
  25. [RELEASE] Johann's Baton

    I like this! I like this a lot! My initial instinct was that I'd hate trying to perform these tasks with a wobbly, fusty old mouse, but I had a pretty good time playing the game. I think a lot of credit can go to the music - really helped with the mood. Perhaps a tool akin to the ZBrush (or just cg sculpting) lazy-mouse ( ) would be a good addition to ease out some of the mouse jitters? I could also have done with a better indication of which circle to start with - marking the circle as black just didn't attract my attention (...what does that say about me? Hmm. =( ) Otherwise... might have been fun to add some ratings for player performance. I might only get "Shitty Wizard" in this game, but the rating would still make me laugh. =) --Rev