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  1. [Dev Log] The Anonymouses

    So this is almost definitely not happening, at least not on the timescale of Wizard Jam. I am terrible.
  2. [Dev Log] The Anonymouses

    I agree completely. The quoted text in my post was basically what I worked up to pitch myself on the premise and tone; I never intended to present it this way in-game. Part of the challenge for me is to develop the world without info dumps. I'm planning to try to at least sketch an outline of some kind over the weekend. We'll see.
  3. Hellooooo Idle Forums! I created an account just so I could post this. Maybe I'll stick around For a while now, I've had a personal goal to get some practice writing. Looking through the episode titles, I found quite a few that were evocative, and I thought I could try writing a Twine game that ties some of them together. I worked out a setup earlier today based on a line I've had sitting in my head: Features: Play short vignettes with exciting titles like: I Am Suspicious of Myself, A Great Way To Have Fun, Historical Beef, Data Complete, The Curious Case of the Rhode Island Reader, Dear Mom, and Business Guys on Planes! Realistic bureaucracy -- deal with funding limitations, middle-management bloat, inter-departmental communication breakdowns, and more! Avoid the temptation to research alternate versions of yourself (an easily detected, fire-able offense)! Never actually do any time travel! I know I'm getting a late start, and I don't have anything more than a premise and some vague ideas about where to take it. I'm honestly not expecting to get far on this, but it might get me over the humps of 1) starting to learn Twine and 2) creative writing. Cheers!