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  1. I will be back with a long-ass explanation of barely remembered high school classes about power plants and power plant design. Also, I second the request for the complete text of the genie sentence in question
  2. Also, it's pretty interesting that we almost had an occurrence of the Mandela effect about the half a brain story in this episode where they talk about the Mandela effect
  3. So, in hindsight it totally makes sense that Chris loves the ending of predator based on the end of Firewatch, right?
  4. Kingdoms of Amalur: Breckoning.
  5. Terminal7 31: A Dog Steals Your Skull

    I suppose this is benefiting the heck out of hindsight (God knows I made a ton of mistakes in my local regional), but even after the recovery with Reuse you've set the CI player way back. With the burst econ they tend to use you're in a much better position to make money than they are, plus, with all those cards they ditched and likely no Jackson on the table they would have to have had 10+ agenda points in either archives or in their 10 card hand. edit: Also, there was no 2013 Netrunner Canadian Nationals, and though it wasn't in Toronto proper (technically), it wasn't in a weird suburb or anything, but basically right next to the Airport.
  6. One of the major foundations in Steven Universe (alongside just endless positivity), has been the feeling of just being a kid and not really knowing anything. People are always sort of talking about things you don't understand, or talking around stuff they don't want you to know about yet or similar things. My impression on the timeline is a little bit hazy, but I think starts with this feeling permeating the whole show. On the other hand, I'm also a huge fan of secret lesbian backstories, so there's that.