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  1. [Dev Log] Rolling With the Pope

    I will add the eye texture I haven't looked at characters just yet, so maybe Pope Gobbler will be a thing, but i'm not sure. Very cool model though!
  2. Are you christian enough to roll with the pope? That is the premise of the game based of the episode title with the same name, what would happen if you needed to roll with the pope? The game will be about driving the pope around in a car and crazy stuff will happen, so for now i have primarily messed around with making som car physics work and generally just want to get the basis for a player controller to work. Here is a taste of it so far: Also, hail pope Dot Gobbler!
  3. [Release] Shitty Wizard Comic

    That visual style is bloody great, keeping an eye out for this one.
  4. This took way too long to get working, but i am finally quite satisfied with how you pick up objects now. I have made and implemented a highlighting post process effect that will make objects you can pick up, glow in a certain color when hovering over them. Developing this effect caused a lot of crashes of the Nvidia display driver because the effect had issues in deferred rendering
  5. Thank you, i have some ideas i want to toy with tonight on how the game should work. Here is also an updated video of the radio, along with making everything seem a bit more comic like:
  6. I realised i made a pretty big mistake in that video i just posted, the multi-threading of the mp3 to wav script was not working correctly, so it just loaded the last converted file, so all tapes played the same piece of audio or just stalled if the file could not be found, but i must admit it works rather well now. It feels super nice to create the tapes on the fly and popping them into the radio. It's a bit unfortunate i can't stream the podcasts, but it's not too bad on decent internet, i do however need to optimize the output file as they get rather large for a long podcast. It works super well with mp3's from regular length songs, really short time from popping it in to the machine until it plays. I also like the assets with a more outlined comic style to it:
  7. Hi fellow jammers! I got rushed with work while working on my entry for the last Wizard Jam, so i never got a chance to complete it, even though it actually got pretty far. I want to make something for this game jam and today i have been experimenting with some first person item interaction for some mechanics i want to utilize. Since i want to embed a developer commentary, i thought why not plot them in the game world and have the commentary be actual pickups that you play with another item in the game world. So the game will feature cassete tapes with some sweet talk on it. The game also features an RSS reader that will scan for a certain podcast and plot episodes around the game world that you can listen to You can check out how it works so far: I have not completely settled on a lot of things, but i think it works well for now. / Rasmus
  8. I can list a few plugins that are always in my library when developing with Unity: uSequencer http://www.wellfired.com/usequencer.html A pretty robust timeline editor that works pretty reliably with Unity 4/5. It's no match for the Matinee tools found in Unreal Engine 3/4, but it does help you go pretty far and at a pretty inexpensive entry price. Only problem i have ever encountered in terms of platform support was on a Windows RT game, i did fix that issue and i think they added my fix to it back then. Shader Forge http://acegikmo.com/shaderforge/ I cannot even express how important i think this tool is, it allows artists to much more easily create unique shaders that are really well optimized. It bridges the gap between Unity and Unreal Engine in some very significant ways and allows for much faster iteration than writing shaders from scratch. Amplify Color http://amplify.pt/unity/amplify-color/ One of the best implementations of color grading i have ever seen in a 3D engine, it is so easy and fast to give that extra personal touch to your scenes and bridges with photoshop in a way that speeds up the process while taking a very visual approach to the actual grading(i personally think the tools Unity ship with are not up to task in this area in terms of workflow). Log Viewer http://www.dreammakersgroup.com/products-2/unity3d-in-game-logs/ A very nice and free little tool that can be of great use when testing on devices that are not actively debugging, gives you a lot of performance specific data on the fly and allows you to quickly see errors on the fly. I also think uSMAA is worth checking out, but it's not really a complete thing, but it seems to work alright for what it is.
  9. [Dev Log] Episode Forty-Five

    Just finished one of the more important components of the project that i wanted to use, split screen rendering! The idea is that i can split the camera in multiple segments that only renders the pixels needed, this allows me to have "action" cameras that complement the scene that i am building. To get an idea of how that looks in practice, see a small test here: http://webmshare.com/play/54jKL Or look at a lower quality gif: Obviously still a lot of things that can be improved, but it seems to work alright for now.
  10. Those are some really nice animations, great job!
  11. [Dev Log] Episode Forty-Five

    Still implementing a lot of things in the actual "game" part of this thing, but i thought it would be nice to share a look into how the game boots and closes, as it worked out pretty well: http://a.pomf.se/zghsvo.webm
  12. [Dev Log] Episode Forty-Five

    Finished making the "Wizardflix" boot sequence and added the menus to navigate to the option to either start the story or change the settings of the game. Did a lot of small stuff and tested a more outlined look for the project. You can check out the "cinematics" test with this WebM: http://webmshare.com/play/jB7zW Or have a gif instead:
  13. [RELEASE] Johann's Baton

    That actually looks pretty good, how is the performance when you are mass spawning so many objects at runtime? If you want to take the game further, maybe it would be ideal to look into drawing it into a single or a limited number of Texture2D's. But keep up the great work, it looks it could be quite a fun experience.
  14. I thought so, the shading looked a bit familiar