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  1. WJ4 Diversifiers

    Just reading through that list of finalists made my day. Well done.
  2. Mouth Feel - The Summer Wizard Cocktail Jam

    Also, I've got some ideas for a Disable Enemies to Reveal Enemies drink that I may need to try this weekend.
  3. Mouth Feel - The Summer Wizard Cocktail Jam

    I'm going to be very drunk this summer, aren't I?
  4. Yeah, I think I'm definitely going to keep working on it and try to add more strategy mechanics. I'm trying to find ways to give the player more info without revealing too much about the mechanics that drive a lot of the chaos.
  5. [Release] Suddenly the King of France

    This game is amazing. I laughed every time the kind of France suddenly appeared. Also great french dialogue in this game. As a frenchie I can confirm it's 100% accurate.
  6. [RELEASE] Rigid Body Rat King

    This is honestly an amazing proof of concept for your mechanic. Getting to the part where you need your stack to be tall enough to chew the rope is brilliant and really made me want to see what other directions you could build the puzzles in.
  7. [RELEASE] The Eyes of Luigi

    I've had the hotline bling eshop remix stuck in my head all day. Thanks.
  8. Gonna part the kimono for a moment and reveal how the visitor AI works (there's a lot of systems in this game that I intentially don't reveal because they direct the chaos. Visitors arrive on a boat (the number of visitors is based on a random base number + a multiplier based on your hype level. They immediately look for a visitor center to go to and head over there. Once they've checked in at the visitor center they create their destination list. They'll grab a list of any dinosaur pens that actually have dinos in them, as well as visit your research lab and choose one dig site at random to visit. It's also at this point that they start generating money for you, and will continue to do so until they've visited all of their destinations and head back to the docks to leave. You can actually use this to cheese the system a bit, since placing your buildings far apart will keep them in your park longer and thus have them generate more revenue (although having more people in your park can be a big risk if there's a dino breakout). Also if a dinosaur escapes its pen they immediately go into panic mode and stop generating money, which is why whenever that happens your revenue immediately flips into the negatives due to all your building maintenance costs.
  9. [Dev Log] Build The Nublar

    Yeah, at the end of the day it's not a competition. Just work on it until you're satisfied with the result.
  10. Yup, by no means do you need to actually place your dinos into a paddock, you can totally just drop a bunch of raptors next to your docks and watch them go wild on people
  11. UPDATE! v0.3 New Features: -New Dinosaurs! Raptors! Triceratops! -The menu now has a quit button -Rebalanced the DNA costs of cloning dinos. Fixed a bunch of minor bugs: -You can no longer accitentally "click through" the UI and select a building underneath -Dinosaurs limbs no longer get rendered over other dinos that are too close -Security guards can no longer get stuck in their guard towers
  12. The music layers are definitely in there. I think they usually trigger when your hype meter is around +/- 50.
  13. Thanks guys! Can't wait to see the big stream of all the games. Every one that I've played so far has been great.
  14. *EDIT* Looks like some of the thumbs are also working on a Build the Nublar Game, you can find theirs over here: https://www.idlethumbs.net/forums/topic/10875-dev-log-build-the-nublar/ Going to be trying to make some sort of dinosaur park-building sim that always inevitably goes bad and results in a lot of innocent people getting chomped on.
  15. [Dev Log] Build the Nublar

    Build is up! Park is open! https://itch.io/jam/wizard-jam-2016/rate/68533
  16. [Dev Log] Build the Nublar

  17. [Dev Log] Build the Nublar

    Spent most of the day finishing up all of the UI for interacting with buildings. Also, finally got around to starting the dinos, which is weird that it took so long to get to.
  18. Those car physics look super fun.
  19. [Dev Log] Build the Nublar

    Finally had some time to get back to work today. Working on some of the basic building interactions and some character behaviours.
  20. [RELEASE] With Free Monster Samples

    Nice! I like the subtle differences in each of those.
  21. [RELEASE] With Free Monster Samples

    What I might suggest is that you try abstracting things further. Rather than give the players a cheat sheet, give them free reign to input whatever they want, but put a hard cap on how many characters of input you'll accept. You then take what they input and use that to output an emoji or something representative of a greeting. If, for example, you let them do 4 inputs, and each input has 2 possible states (short or long, standard morse) then you only need to worry about 16 potential outputs and can focus on making each of those more expressive and fun. It would likely be easier on your end and lead to more hilarious results when the player's attempt at a greeting just turns into a picture of a smiling poop. Sorry, this is just my designer brain taking over for a few minutes. Obviously it's your game and you can do whatever you want.
  22. [Dev Log] Build the Nublar

    Thanks. I'm really hoping that I'll have time to put in everything I want to do but I may keep updating it after the jam is over.
  23. [Dev Log] Build the Nublar

    Workin' on some dino pens