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  1. [Dev Log] The Wizard

    Oh wow, loving the art style so far! I also really like how the wizard tower roof looks like a wizard hat.
  2. Is that robot made of 2D sprites that were rendered off of a voxel model? The effect is kind of unsettling and awesome.
  3. [ON INDEFINITE HOLD] Pub Crawler

    Hope you're able to pick it up again!
  4. Yeah, I'm thinking of adding a bit of a magnet effect on the coins that enemies drop (with a much weaker one on the coins you drop when hit) to help with this.
  5. Nick Promises this is not a Paid Endorsement is now available! https://nkornek.itch.io/nptisnape _______________________________________________________________________ For this Wizard Jam, I wanted to make something pretty unique: the world's first FPS game. By that, of course, I mean a First-Person-Shirter. The alien Blandoids have attacked the earth with their powerful unfashionable technology. The only way to stop them: render them stylish by fully covering them in your brand's merch. The idea for Nick Promises this is not a Paid Endorsement is to make a split-screen co-op shooter where one player wields a T-Shirt Cannon and the other a Hat Cannon. Aliens aren't defeated until they are fully merchandized, so if an alien has 6 arms and 2 heads that means you need to get 3 shirts and 2 hats on it by targeting specific parts on its body. Players MUST work together to defeat every enemy and collect money from merch sales. They will then be able to spend this money to build the ultimate merch cannon to take down the Blandoid mothership before it's too late. (This is based on the "Flonase Allergy Relief (Nick promises this is not a paid endorsement)" theme)
  6. Saw it on Nick's stream. It looks so good! Can't wait to try it when I get home!
  7. It's ready!!!! https://nkornek.itch.io/nptisnape In
  8. So close to finished now. My enemy AI is finished, so that's the hardest part done. Last thing is to finish implementing player damage (which is about 80% done already) and then put in some basic menus and stuff. On track to be finished tomorrow which is great because I need to get on a plane Thursday morning.
  9. It's the final rush to the end! Had a bit of time tonight to make a quick arena layout. And by that I mean it kind of looks like a Quake 3 Arena map The only complicated thing left to do now is program in some enemy behaviours!
  10. Barbie's Trashed Dreamhouse

    That just means the game is ready for speedruns
  11. [Dev log] Curling

    Awesome! Looking forward to trying it out!
  12. Look on my works, ye Mighty, and SHIRT SHIRT SHIRT! Sadly I don't think I'll be finished by the end of the day (life got in the way a lot over the past 2 weeks) but I think I can get a fully playable version before the showcase weekend.
  13. Bone Sea is the name of my new heavy metal band
  14. Thanks! Yeah, I really want to keep working on it after the jam. The jet-engine looking things are meant to be weapons. The enemies will be trying to shoot at you to make you drop your money Sonic-style.
  15. This is looking really solid! Well done!
  16. Say hello to my slightly smaller friend! Introducing the Brand! Industries MLN-R Hat Cannon. Never let a customer go without a free hat or three. CAUTION: Aim for the Head
  17. Didn't have nearly as much time to work on this over the past week as I would have liked. Gonna try and rush to get the basic loop in over the next week and then probably keep working on it after the jam because I love the idea so much.
  18. Some more awesome progress. Today I implemented the basic game controls and added shirts to the blandoid soldier I made yesterday.
  19. [Dev log] Curling

    Hell yeah!
  20. Oh wow, I love the look of those storyboards. Well done!
  21. Made some really good progress today. Say hello to the very first Blandoid soldier!
  22. Sounds adorable! I can definitely vouch for Construct 2 for ease-of-making-a-quick-platformer
  23. WIZARD JAM 9 -- Welcome Thread

    Amazing! Love the theme idea!
  24. Unfortunately, do to everyone being busy adults with important things to do, our game is going to be a bit late
  25. Let's do a Wizard Jam! We're mashing up two episode titles, Super Expert Pro and The Fable of Love, to create the ultimate competitive multiplayer dating advice simulator. Players take on the roles of competing processes within Cyrano de Serverrack, the ultimate dating-advice-giving machine. Use your expertise to influence the outcome of a traditional dating gameshow and ensure that the bachelor or bachelorette gets paired with the right partner. The only problem? Each player believes that a different match is the correct one. Take turns adding words to a phrase that will be whispered to and spoken by the contestant. Try to sneakily work in words related to your chosen match's likes and dislikes while also looking for ways to sabotage your opponents, but be careful because you can only ever see the last word that was added to the sentence. The team: It's me! Also Justin Terry (JTerry) And James Palermo (Jimmay)