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  1. [DevLog] Rich Uncle VS Cool Uncle

    Tonight's update adds a pre-game lobby to teach the controls
  2. [DevLog] Rich Uncle VS Cool Uncle

    Small update tonight. Added some cameo appearances by the Idle Thumbs family and proper target tracking for the camera.
  3. You are the ultimate jammer
  4. I just sent you my hair Not something I ever expected to say
  5. [DevLog] Rich Uncle VS Cool Uncle

    Here it comes, the TOOLS OF DESTRUNCLE update! build link is in the original post, as usual.
  6. [DevLog] Rich Uncle VS Cool Uncle

    There was a point where rich uncle just dropped coins everywhere but it was super excessive. Maybe I'll put it back in and make it just happen when he gets hit, like you suggested. Tonight's build is adding in a whole slew of new yard things to pick up and throw around. So far we've got BBQ Table Bench Chairs Sprinkler (with ridiculous particle water spouts) Rake Shovel Bag of leaves Bucket of sand (there's now a sandbox area in the yard) Anyone have any suggestions for stuff they'd like to see? I'm trying to keep the violence level low, so nothing that would horribly kill someone (like, no lawnmowers)
  7. [DevLog] Rich Uncle VS Cool Uncle

    Celebratory mentioned-on-the-podcast update!
  8. [DevLog] Rich Uncle VS Cool Uncle

    Tonight's progress update is rockin the suburbs. Build will be available soon.
  9. [DevLog] Rich Uncle VS Cool Uncle

    You could definitely shorten it with a direct reference. In a small project like this there's not really any noticeable performance difference. I'm just lazy and would rather type a few extra words than assign things in the editor.
  10. [DevLog] Rich Uncle VS Cool Uncle

    I still haven't decided if I'm going to use orthographic 3D or just a regular perspective camera. It'll probably depend on how the final background looks with the rest of the models and sprites thrown in.
  11. [DevLog] Rich Uncle VS Cool Uncle

    To celebrate the release of MK X, tonight's build of Rich Uncle vs Cool Uncle is filled with uncle on uncle violence. yes, there are burger physics
  12. [Released] ROBOT NEWS by me, Dinosaursssssss

    This is amazing
  13. [DevLog] Rich Uncle VS Cool Uncle

    Thanks! I'm really happy with how it's been coming along so far
  14. [DevLog] Rich Uncle VS Cool Uncle

    lol, that's the exact image that I based it off of.
  15. [DevLog] Rich Uncle VS Cool Uncle

    I'm actually fully using 3D space, with the sprites set at a 45 degree angle to face the camera, that's how I can have 3D geometry and get proper elevation use for the movement without the need to write any code to fake it. If you are doing full 2D and faking the depth effect (like my build from yesterday was), there's a relatively simple way to do the layer sorting so that things higher up on the y end up being sorted further back, to give the illusion that they are behind the other objects. You just make your sorting layer script be based off of a negative interpretation of their y coordinate. Here's a line of code like what I used yesterday (yup, it only takes 1 line!) gameObject.GetComponent<SpriteRenderer>().sortingOrder = -(Mathf.FloorToInt(transform.position.y * 100)); Unity can only accept integers as values for sprite sorting, so you need to round it off. If you're dealing with very small objects (my sprites are 32x32) and don't want to scale them too much, just multiply their y coordinate by a large number (like 100) first. Hope that answers your question!
  16. [DevLog] Rich Uncle VS Cool Uncle

    Update gif I rewrote my movement code to better allow movement in 3D space with multiple elevations. Also now there's a barbecue that knocks you out if you jump on it. Next step will be to make the barbecue able to be picked up and thrown.