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  1. figures i'd miss that, i -was- wondering what the 'persistent' option for GM rooms was. fixed as for the difficulty, i figured getting really high scores would be enough incentive to not camp but i guess it is 2015. whenever your jetski is pulled up your multiplier is tripled, and your multiplier falls off by 1 every few seconds you're not in that state. even then i would like to come up with a better reason to play more actively (or maybe just push people to the center after they've been there too long)
  2. this is the first game thing i have ever made. it is about being a jetski and dodging poop along a river (episode) it was made in gamemaker i tried to go for aesthetics more than gameplay but you can very easily tell where i started slacking off and had to rush everything out in the last 5 hours (it doesn't even have an icon or a different window title!!!! and would you look at that explosion (to be fair i had to study for tests this week during the same week i spent making this)) the game is based on getting a high score with a really high multiplier which is increased every 3 poops dodged and tripled whenever you are going at full speed, but reset to x1 whenever you take a hit. it is either too easy or too hard i'm not sure. tips on balancing are what i'd appreciate the most download