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  1. Dude, this is gorgeous candy for me. I love it and would read a book of that. Having conversation happen around something I make, instead of it falling into the void of forgotten internet is what I live for. Also, you're insightful and all that good stuff. I think you make a good point with the higher stakes thing. I guess my thought was that for this short story it would be enough of a draw having a conversation with this intelligent thing, which you'd wonder what is up with and all that. Perhaps a lot was lost when I skimmed the interactivity, as I think it'd make the player more involved, having the AI react more directly to their input. Not a very direct solution to the point you raise, but I think it'd make the player more involved. Now that I think about it, there's higher stakes going on in the potential continuation of the story, so I guess I was just starting mild, simply chronicling this first conversation where Steve comes to terms with his current state and the player wonders what the well. I guess besides making bad writer excuses, my point is, I always say 'it's not what you do, is how you do it', therefor I think if you gave this concept to an amazing writer they'd make something amazing with it. So that's why I'm reticent to blame it on the concept instead of simply my ability to make it work as is. But I guess in practical terms, a reasonable thought would be 'if you can't make this concept interesting enough, then spice it up with some heavier happenings because you don't yet have the ability to make the mundane interesting enough'. Which hey, no big deal, it's the first twine I write. I feel maybe I'm not doing justice to your insights by just looking for justifications. I guess I'm also an overwriter so I'm just sharing my thoughts. In any case, thanks for sharing your opinions! Do you write about gamez btw?
  2. Woot. That feels like getting a review for the first time. Thanks for being thorough and constructive, you heartless monster who'd kill a virtual life without hesitation. I like how I'm getting to hear of different people having different experiences with it. I think if I had to fix my failure in making you more enthralled by it, I'd simply try to make the conversation more interesting in some way. I like that the main character is the player, in this case, but maybe I'm just wrongly attached to the concept. Dunno.
  3. Thanks man music to my earholes. I like that you found some Gaynor in there.I wanted to make it even branchier, but didn't have time in the end. I will if I continue the story or remix this one with voice/visuals.
  4. Interesting. Do you think it could be because you know it's a gamey thing and you're willing to play along? In the story you just find some file in your computer and it starts talking like a robot and seems to kind of understand what you say sometimes, but the technology for that is here with siri etc., so I feel the last thing you'd believe is that it's an advanced AI or a digitized person.Edit: after going through it again I can see I may have turned up the skepticism too much. I still feel it's a stretch though, that you'd think it's something more than a game or simulation.
  5. thanks, I made it rushedly around the time of the deadline and later thought 'hm, I actually like this, how??'
  6. Once again, thank you to the people who made this possible. It was a great idea, and I'm reading great things from those of you who participated. I can't wait to play all of your crazy games! :3 Personally, I could be happier with my performance, but I have to accept that I have some big time-management issues, so it takes me a bit more to get there than to other people. But! That doesn't matter right now, because I have an actual twine story, that I'm actually proud of, and, wait for it, it's on my motherfucking itchio page!!! Before, there was nothing, and now there's something I'm happy to recommend to friends. This is big for me! (Look at that bare-bones hotness!) ABOUT THE GAME: I actually don't want to say much more than what you see. It's a short interactive text; it's about finding a file in your computer and opening it. Beyond that, be yourself.
  7. I think it'd be fun to write about the jam games we play, as a friendly peer review or commentary, so we can get some feedback without the pressure. I guess that's not too different from commenting on each thread though, but I'll definitely try to write some blog post/s about my faves or the ones I found interesting for whatever reason. Perhaps there could be a post-mortem thread, for devs to chronicle the experience, and an opinions/impressions one, for us to comment on the games, perhaps linking to blog posts if opinions too long, tagging the mentioned games/people.
  8. Great to know. Thanks for the tip and the info.
  9. I've pretty much settled on continuing with Twine 2 as text only, since I'd done quite a bit in it already, and then I'll be at the mercy of the universe, once I want to do audio. I downloaded Tyranobuilder, and I think it could work out with that. I'd have to import all the text manually, but it'd be worth it if it means I can easily do the audio thing. But for now, look at these beautiful graphics I'm working on! I'm so pleased with unreal engine 4.
  10. Wo--I thought this thing would email me when someone replied. Thanks for the tips, I was using the desktop version but I hadn't considered the older version thing. Good to know. I don't want to ask whether the older version accepts Twine 2 projects though.... *scared face* Patrick, that's a shame to hear that the audio implementation is a pain. I figured it would've been figured out for us already, and I thought what I wanted to do was simple enough. I just need to start an audio clip after clicking on an option, and then having the next text appear after it finishes. I guess, though, you where trying something along those lines as well.
  11. Alright, let's do this. I've written and sketched game ideas since I was a kid, but I haven't finished/published anything, ever, so thank you to the peeps who organized this jam. It's great. Anywayss. Gamez! I'm gonna do something that's foolproof, so that I can actually do it. So I'll be making a Twine game with no graphics but with plenty of audio, about the player finding a human-like AI in their computer, interacting with it and eventually, perhaps, choosing or not to help it. I've made a linear sketch of it already, and a couple of friends who read it really like it, so now it's time to loose my sanity over branching, for a couple of days, and then recording the voice of the AI, which I'll make with a synthetic voice online software. I don't really know how to implement audio in twine, but I read it's possible, and the chill thing is that I'll finish the text-only version and then make the audio version, so if it doesn't work I can always just upload the text-only thing. The story is the most important thing, after all. So yeah, I hope to not epic fail, since I have a few other things in my head right now, but I'll keep you posted on this train wreck of a dev process.
  12. Team Building Thread

    Thanks for the (chronologically competing) tips! I didn't know those. Looking into it now, probably leaning towards Ren'Py, because, poorness. And if the scripting is bearable I might be up for it. I'll decide by tomorrow and start a dev log accordingly Wow, if I finish something playable by the end of this thing I'm gonna feel like yassss power game writer in hearrrr! Can't wait.
  13. Team Building Thread

    Hi everyone! I'm new in the forums and I have two ideas for the jam. "The Mind-Tech Contingency" > I recently wrote a rough sketch of a Twine story, and I want to use it for the jam because it goes with said episode title, and it's a great excuse to not let the idea die and finally make my first game. Basic set-up: You find a file in your computer which turns out to contain an AI. Is current AI technology this advanced? This virtual guy is starting to convince you that he was a real human who recently died and got his mind uploaded. Drama ensues. I'm cool with making it on my own as a basic text thing, but in case someone's up for it, I'd also like to turn it into something more visual, with an interface as pictured, full voice for the AI and some simple face animations. I have a friend who'd help with animation, so if someone's up for taking charge of the Game Maker / Unity side of things, drop me a line! "The Dreamcast" > omg I'm such a DC fanboy, so this title immediately caught my attention and got me daydreaming about what to do with it. So, here's what I came up with. I'd like to make a little day-in-the-life thing, where you're a pre-teen Dreamcast, and DCs happen to not be the most popular race in this town, so you sometimes find yourself being bullied by those tall PS2s. Most of the time though, you just try to be a good little console, going out to do chores, etc. Now, this one's in the folder of 'if a little wizard among you happens to be up for it'. My friend who's up for helping is an amazing illustrator, but we're useless in terms of programming. In any event, I hope you accept me here even though I came out of nowhere and I tend to write too much. I've struggled to finish any game project over the years and I think this could be it. Idle Thumbs is the one gaming podcast I listen to religiously and this forum seems comfy as hell, so let me know if you're up for collabing, or if you have any ideas, and otherwise I'll let you know how it goes with the texty game thing.