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  1. [Release] Downchimney Simulator 20X7

    There's a content cap at about level 9. If we had more time, we could add more enemies, fine tune the upgrades and enemies. We wanted to make sure the demo would be easy enough for anyone to get far. I imagine a finished release would have multiple difficulties and an ending.
  2. [Release] Downchimney Simulator 20X7

    We're up: Both the 2D game and the 3D Simulation are up and available to download separately. The 2D game can also be played with a controller.
  3. [Release] Downchimney Simulator 20X7

    The team's made a lot of progress the past week. Below is a taste of the Downchimney portion of the game. Santa is in his final form, which allows for maximum chimney devastation.
  4. [Release] Beppo's Hole

    Great sounds! I was surprised by how well the recording sounded with the plastic bag over the mic. What kind of mic did you use? I saw it in the imgur gallery, but all mics look similar. Also: Classic Effort Sounds! I almost vomited to your heaving sounds.
  5. [Dev Log] I'll Kill The Last Alien

    Finally got some more time to work on this today. - Modeled some organs (because gore) - Added clouds (the sprites are placeholders) to show you're falling. Without them, there was no sense that you were falling. - Aliens aim their weapon at you, but don't shoot (for now). - Gun has a sight to show where you'll be shooting. - Jetpacks blow up when you shoot them - Counter/UI shows Headshots, Jetpack Explosions, Total Kills, and Distance to the ground. I'm still getting ragdoll/physics glitches that I need to resolve. Hopefully I'll find the time to work them out soon. Check out the first playable build Mouse Aims. Click to shoot. R - Resets level. Not quite the look and feel I have in mind for the final build, but at least I got some placeholders in there.
  6. [Dev Log] I'll Kill The Last Alien

    Quick Update: - Modelled a pistol - Alien and player models are ragdolled - Alien Jetpacks work (applies upward force to the Alien's rigidbody) I'm currently experimenting with aiming and how it'll affect the player ragdoll. I'm also trying to decide if I want bullets to be acutal game objects, or raycasts.
  7. [Released] ROBOT NEWS by me, Dinosaursssssss

    Yeah, I found it impossible to land any when roaming behind the houses. Here's the strategy I used: As you approach the first house, charge for about 1.25 secs and release. Then charge for a little less than a second and release. Finally a very quick click, release as soon as you click. If you time it right, your first paper should fly over the second row of houses and roll to the house in the back. The second paper will land right on the mat of the second row, and the third paper will land right on the first mat. The trick is doing it somewhat perfectly for all four coloumns.
  8. [Released] ROBOT NEWS by me, Dinosaursssssss

    I done good! I really like the day/night system. The grid spacing of the houses makes it very easy to get all the houses in a single pass (with a bit of practice). Any plans for other layouts/levels?
  9. [Dev Log] I'll Kill The Last Alien

    Normal Map - Their poly count is relatively low. I usually fiddle around with Nvidia's Texture tools after painting the texture. For the most part, it does a good job making the textures pop without too much effort.
  10. [Dev Log] I'll Kill The Last Alien

    Got some modeling done: The player. A futuristic exo-suit space marine with a bit of a gummy bear vibe. Your standard, run of the mill, jet-packing alien. I've already added armatures; so the next step is to set them up as ragdolls and get them falling.
  11. I joined the forums specifically for this Game Jam (after hearing about it on the Podcast). Its my first game jam, but I've had some experience with Unity and Blender. So I figured it'd be worth a shot. I had trouble thinking of a good game/title to use. Then I went back a listened to a few and got inspired when Nick was discussing the floating aliens in Crysis Warhead (and how the end boss' corpse ultimately fell on him and ruined the ending, twice). I'm coming into this a bit late, but here's the idea simply laid out: 2D game that involves the player free falling from the sky. On your way down, you'll blast as many hovering aliens out of the sky as you can. If there's time, I'll add add a point system and some upgrades. Check out the playable build Mouse Aims. Click to shoot. R - Resets level.
  12. [Released] The Spectacle was Incredible

    Maybe a game with glasses that change the way you see things?