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  1. Tearaway is so excellent! I'm a cynical shithead and I was smiling the entire time I played it. Every time the front-facing camera brought an image of me into the game, I would smile and wave at Atoi. The PS4 version is definitely a day one purchase for me.
  2. Writing/Twine/Narrative Games Questions

    I've been meaning to try this for a long time now. Have a short story that I'm going to start working on soon and I think it would be a fun exercise to turn it into a Twine game.
  3. Twin Peaks Discussion

    Haha. There's no doubt he's a good-looking dude. I don't even necessarily think he's a bad actor. His character is just so abysmal. I do think that his best scene is yet to come, however. In the movie, there's a particular scene that brilliantly juxtaposed James's story-book ideas of love with the absolute horror of Laura's situation.
  4. Oh wow. I totally didn't catch the Catholicism stuff in Bloodborne. Good take by Danielle.