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  1. Media by women

    Phoebe Judge has the greatest voice ever. Criminal is a great show, very tightly written and well-produced.
  2. Oooh, lovely Beasthood Pellet buff! Pre-patch, I managed to kill Vicar Amelia without her taking more than 1 swing at me due to beasthood abuse.
  3. Media by women

    Short stories authors: Flannery O' Connor, Amy Hempel. Games: I keep wanting to check out Nina Freeman's Freshman Year, but just reading what it's about is so heavy. Music: Jenny Lewis, Emily Haines, Liz Phair, Tilly and the Wall
  4. That would have been great for GB, but I'm way more excited that she's going to be writing for games. She's an excellent writer and games need more excellent writers.
  5. Post your face!

    I don't like taking pictures of myself, so there's not much for me to choose from. There are also VERY few pictures of me without a cat nearby.
  6. I didn't read Ben as being dead either. I hope he's not. I actually enjoyed his good Ben Horne turn. Not the Civil War stuff, but I kinda dug the pine weasel arc.
  7. Danielle should do an entire episode as indignant 14 year-old Danielle. "I KNOW WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE!" Made me laugh pretty hard.
  8. Chris, ignominy is pronounced "Pennslyvania." And how infuriating. A few months ago I tried to watch a bunch of Lynch stuff and ONLY Blue Velvet was available on streaming services. Had to acquire FWWM by dubious means, though I did get the Entire Mystery Blu-Ray set for Christmas.
  9. I distinctly remember feeling ill after watching Fire Walk With Me. The true horror of what happened to Laura finally set in. And I can't believe Bobby killed that guy! Made me rethink his entire character. Still not sure where I stand on that being a good choice or a bad one, but it's definitely one that stuck with me.
  10. Watched this again the other day. Poor Norma
  11. Something I was thinking about during the Black Lodge sequence: When Laura says, "I'll see you again in twenty-five years," is she referring to the first time we see her in the lodge during episode 3? Cooper is significantly older during that scene. And from FWWM, we have some understanding that time doesn't flow normally in the lodge.
  12. Whoa! A boardgame that I've actually played! I only played Twilight Struggle once but it was a lot of fun. I was Russia and I lost. Felt like I didn't have a great grasp on "the china card" and its importance. The best part of Twilight Struggle is that there's an event card in which the US player has to poke the Russian player in the chest (and maybe say a stern phrase? I can't recall.). Might have to give Defcon a try as well. Sounds like a lot of fun. Terrifying robot news.
  13. PS Vita

    YES! I really feel like it's the most successful beat-em-up since the 16-bit/arcade era. And it's just SO PRETTY.
  14. PS Vita

    The rhythm sections really appeal to me. And I am curious about Miku from an academic sense. The Dominos pizza ads with Hatsune Miku are incredible. I think I want to train with a Project Diva game on the vita because--as I understand it--on PS3 there would be some input lag where there wouldn't be any on the vita. So while it probably won't be a 1:1 skill transference, I think it would be valuable training.
  15. Twin Peaks Discussion

    Firewalk with me is most certainly a horror movie. Looking forward to rewatching it and trying to collect my thoughts for an email or a forum post.
  16. I make it my primary one in one area in particular. The nightmare version of the Unseen Village too crazy though, so I don't feel bad about it.
  17. PS Vita

    I'm thinking I might try the Hatsune Miku game on vita so I can at least get decent at the genre before Persona 4 Dancing All Night comes out. I'm such a sucker for that franchise.
  18. Wow. I feel like I HAVE to see the Lyon's Den now. There's barely even a clip of this thing on youtube. Not available on Amazon. Might have to explore more shady means.
  19. Kudos on the sub-heading for this episode.
  20. Loved all of the stuff in the lodge. Some of it was genuinely terrifying. Had at least one nightmare inspired by this episode, and I remember being creeped out for a solid week. When I'd see a window, I'd keep imagining Doppleganger Laura's face slowly sliding into view and silently screaming. This episode was worth all of the junk parts of season two. I can't say I was too thrilled with how it ended, though. Nothing about Bob possessing Cooper worked for me. I tried thinking of how things would play out and I had a hard time imagining any interesting scenarios. *downward snap* I'll see you again in twenty-five years.
  21. PS Vita

    The Dangranronpa games are my absolute favorite games of last year. 2 is even better than 1! Zero Escape: VLR is fantastic too, but it kinda requires you to have played 999 on the DS to get the most out of it. I really loved Gravity Rush. Most of the movement feels really fantastic and the world is quirky, fun, and funny. Muramasa Rebirth was a lot of fun. I never played it on Wii. You've already got Persona 4 and Tearaway, both fantastic picks. I use my vita for replaying lots of PSone stuff, and some psp stuff too.
  22. Writing/Twine/Narrative Games Questions
  23. I guess Infinite Jest is next on my reading list after I finish the entire works of Lovecraft and a re-read of ASOIAF. LONG BOOKS ONLY IN 2015. I hope Danielle does decide to finish Bloodborne. If not, I'll have to bump up my Bloodbeef Riendeau soon as I finish my Sorcery run of Dark Souls.
  24. Dragon Age: Orgy-ins? That's the only Dragon Age porn title that I could think of and it's not very good. Someone please carry on in my stead.
  25. P.T (Playable Teaser for Silent Hills)

    I was thinking they might try something like this. Maybe just slap an HD on there for the fun of it. PT-HD!