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  1. Life

    Been a while since I checked in! Been in my new management position for a little under 3 months now and I'm finally starting to feel comfortable with it. Around the same time as my promotion, I found a kitten stuck up in the guts of an SUV in my apartment parking lot. She's super healthy now and very cute. And with 3 cats, I'm officially undate-able. Alas! Anyway, here's some pics of Tilly: Also my shitty car shit itself and cost me more to fix than it's worth. But I can't afford payments on a new one.
  2. Farewell Danielle! You brought me to the podcast, but I'll stick around even with you gone. I can't wait for the new podcast!
  3. I like Chris's take on not being able to fathom Metal Gear as a whole. Metal Gear may be my favorite series of anything ever, but I think I relate to that feeling of lacking the ability to receive the piece. When I first tried getting into anime, I could barely follow anything that was happening in any series/movie that I tried to watch. The presentation/focus of most everything was so foreign to me. The way shots would linger on motionless faces but anything action-oriented was presented in complete blurs, the way people spoke more about BIG IDEAS than like actual humans, it was all just pretty disorienting. I wonder if my tolerance for anime has made me receptive to Metal Gear. On the subject of not being able to "get" a thing; Mario Maker. I grew up pretty exclusively on 2D platformers and I've been incapable of enjoying one for the last 20 years. 3D ones I kind of understand because there's some element of exploration there, but 2D platformers are as interesting to me as Facebook games. Maybe less so. So people being so excited about being able to make 2D platforming levels is just the most baffling thing to me. But I'm glad something that Nintendo is doing is being well received. Also, hey! Kole Ross! Duckfeed is a good network of podcasts and their site is very attractively designed.
  4. Life

    I'm bad at uploading images to this forum. I always forget how :S Anyway to upload straight from my pc?
  5. This is the podcast version of Garfield without Garfield.
  6. Life

    The truck kitten is now living in my bathroom. Now that she's got some antibiotics in her, she's eating better and is tons more playful. She does these cute little growl/meows before charging wildly about the room, or before climbing up my shirt. Tentatively calling her Tilly after Tilly and the Wall (a band that I like a whole lot). Hectic three weeks of work started this week. Having to work in time to play with Tilly and keep her fed and medicated is definitely eating into my precious sleep/exercise time. Looking forward to the day when she's old enough to get her tests done at the vet. And if she gets a clean bill of health, I can start letting her out of the bathroom. Hopefully my other 2 cats won't be too mean to her.
  7. Life

    Found a kitten crying under an SUV yesterday on my way to work yesterday. Little baby that was scared to come out. She was up in the tech-works of the thing. ( I don't know cars) A woman in my apartment complex had been trying to coax the kitten out for a few hours. I donated some wet-food fish to the effort and gave my contact info once I saw how tiny the kitten was. About three hours later I got a text that the kitten had been secured. After I got back from work, I took custody of the little thing. Got her into a vet today. 5 weeks old, mild Upper respiratory infection, some eye infection. She's too young to get a lot of other tests done, so I have to keep her separate from my adult cats for a while. I really didn't ever want more than 2 cats at a time, but I'm probably going to fall in love with this stupid-cute little thing. If my other cats will have her, I'll probably keep her and just accept that I'm a crazy cat man at 31.
  8. Idle Thumbs 224: Ms. Petman

    We need to start polluting in ways that will make the world uninhabitable by robots that way we can have our posthumous revenge.
  9. Favorite Level in a video game

    Personal favorite is Chapter 4 of MGS4. Also think that Undead Burg and Anor Londo from Dark Souls may be the best levels from a design standpoint.
  10. Life is Strange: Tween Peaks This channel's Life is Strange videos make me really appreciate the game's writing. The dialogue is one thing (and it honestly never bothered me that much), but the fact that it can stand up to pretty rigorous analysis--and that such rigorous analysis actually cued the analyzers into the true motivations of is something. Really hoping the final chapter involves Max replacing her Arm with Chloe's and hijacking a Metal Gear to launch a nuclear attack on Blackwell. And as a side note, I just really love Max as a player character. It's so nice being able to play as someone who genuinely feels like a good person that cares about other people.
  11. Life

    Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. So I entered a gamejam/challenge thing in June ( ). It was one focused/judged on writing, so I felt comfortable entering with a Twine game. And being that Twine was always something I wanted to experiment with, I set aside my June to learn it and write a story/game. They got around 3x the entrants they were expecting, so a pre-selection process was decided on to help narrow the entrants that the judging panel would have to review. Yesterday they announced who made the cut, and I did! Riding pretty high on that, even though work is still stressing me the fuck out. And I've only got about 2 weeks to try to adapt that game into a short story to submit to a lit mag. But I definitely needed that little boost this week.
  12. WOW WOW WOOOOOOW This episode was really something special.
  13. After listening to the episode, I think I've got an explanation for why Velcoro meets his end amongst the Sequoias. The Welcome to Vinci podcast states that the location used for filming is called Balch park which is about 4 hours north of Where Vinci (Vernon) would be. I could be remembering incorrectly, but I'm pretty sure one of the final shots of Ray's dashboard shows that he's just flat out of gas. So Velcoro drove as far as he could, but eventually ran out of fuel.
  14. 1) I'm SO glad we didn't see Ani and Jordan's meeting at the park. When they were setting that up, my eyes were rolling. But I'm glad to see that it paid off the way it did in Frank's demise. 2) When I saw Ani putting on that baby-sling, for a second I thought she was putting on a Man With No Name poncho and I got ridiculously excited. I was expecting some Blaze of Glory after she handed off the info to the reporter, but I suppose having a child kind of prevents you from doing shit like that. 3) Ani's arc felt very fucking weird. She went from being such an active player to almost being written out of any meaningful stuff in the finale. 4)Despite a very shaky start, and me still not being entirely satisfied with a lot of the episodes, I think this season will overall be one I look back on positively. An ending where the bad guys win is usually going to get a pass from me.
  15. Life

    I think I probably needed to hear that. Thank you for saying it. I'm nervous as hell to have to bring this shit up face to face, but I'll feel better about it than I would were it a chopping block.
  16. Life

    Spent 10 years working overnights, 5 years at my current place, finally got promoted to a managerial position, weekend overnight person quit and I'm back to 2/5ths of the week on overnights. On top of that, I've either got to get 2 seemingly hopeless staffers on track or fire one of them. One is pregnant and terrible at the job. One is bipolar (diagnosed) and decent at half of the job. I don't want to fire either of them. But I'm not entirely sure how to make either of them better. It's a customer service job. The pregnant woman (who has other things going on) comes off as very rude to customers, and the bipolar woman (who comes off great but nervous to customers) has a good attitude but also often messes up the billing aspects of the job. My gut instinct is just to try best to get both of them up to my standards, but with weekly customer service reports to grapple with, I'm not sure how viable that is. I'm having a harder time sleeping at night now than I did when I had to sleep during the days. :/ If you've got any kind of advice, let me hear it.
  17. Other podcasts

    Our very own Danielle Riendeau is on a Souls-podcast today! It's called Bonfireside Chat. The current season is discussing Bloodborne, and Danielle's ep has been my favorite of the season!
  18. Played this with my mom because I knew she would enjoy it. We kind of sequence broke as well. We went way down the multiple personalities/two people rabbit hole VERY early. We ended up exploring most of that stuff before we even figured out what happened to Simon. For most of the time, we weren't even sure what crime had been committed. I had a theory that we were actually investigating the parents' poisoning and that the Simon thing was just a narrative smoke screen. With all the fairy tale stuff, it didn't seem like a stretch to imagine that she'd invented a prince for herself. The details of Simon's murder were some of the last things we even came across. I almost wish that I didn't know ahead of time that Sam Barlowe was involved in this given that but I might not have played the game if I'd not known. There was also the bit where police sirens would reflect the player character's image in the "monitor." We were playing on my laptop and for some reason, at random intervals, my steam games will essentially alt+tab to my desktop--the background of which is just a very large picture of my cat's face. Every so often, it would link up with the police sirens, so we'd get a quick glimpse of the player character reflected in the monitor, and then we'd see my cat's face on the monitor proper. All in all, I really enjoyed the experience and this is one of the two games this year that just seemed like an absolute blast to write. The other being Life is Strange.
  19. I think Nick "Child of the First Burn" Breckon is the perfect Fallout-style nickname.
  20. If I had editing software, I'd put that Mazzy Star Fade into You song under the Velcoro and Ani love scene and it would make me laugh hysterically.
  21. I have lots of little problems with the episode, but they seem like nitpicking now that I'm finally enjoying the season. I still think Paul could have been cut entirely from the show and it would have made for less of a drag at the beginning. Out of all of the POV characters, his stuff feels the least plot relevant. I don't have a problem with minor characters who don't ultimately play a meaningful role, but it is strange to get one in an 8 episode story. I also really didn't like Velcoro and Ani hooking up. Velcoro has never come across to me as a character who is the slightest bit interested in sex. And I'm really not even sure what to make of Ani at this point. The scene would have played better for me if they just ended up holding hands as some kind of primitive need for human contact in a very desperate situation. But maybe that's just personal preference. But, overall really loved the episode. Velcoro finding Davis dead in that car was maybe the biggest holy shit moment of me for this season.
  22. Post your face!

    Damn. This community is particularly cute as hell.
  23. Life

    Wow, I'm really sorry. The world seems worse off without him.
  24. Life

    Awesome to hear! I got promoted to a managerial position at work after 5 years! So that's exciting but I'm also kind of dreading and anxious about all of the additional responsibility. And I'm inheriting a bit of a troubled staff. I'm really just a bundle of nerves at this point.
  25. "Sandra Snow and Juan Taylor were burned." Yikes! Welcome back, Danielle ~~~(^___________^)~~~~~