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  1. EDIT: Hah, this is what I get for posting before listening to the full episode. Jake came to the same conclusion haha. I don't know how I missed this until I heard it at the beginning of the podcast episode. Sarah Palmer says, "Your room seems different." The cashier kiiiiiiind of looks like Laura. This is probably a stretch, but with the Laura-cashier store-room connections, the jerky might be a stand-in for the picture of the angels from FWWM.
  2. I'm not even sure what Cooper returning to his senses looks like anymore. Would it even fit? Cooper was a relentlessly positive force in the original run of the series, and he fit in because the show never felt nearly as dark as it does now. To me anyway. All I can picture is him giving Richard Horne a thumbs up after he runs over that kid. In the absence of Cooper, I feel like we've got some great characters to take his place. I really love seeing Gordon and Albert and Bobby. And I'll feel pretty devastated for Sonny Jim and Janey-E when Dougie vanishes from their lives. I don't know. It's going to be strange.
  3. Man, I really didn't like this episode. Wasn't much that held my attention aside from poor Sara Palmer's bummer life. I thought the Audrey scene was pretty bad. Her performance felt really out sync with her husband. It was kind of distracting.I was never a huge Audrey fan though, so maybe that's why it didn't hold my interest. I also really didn't need to know what the Blue Rose cases meant. Felt like one of the mysteries better left a mystery. But Mark Frost is all about connecting the dots, which sometimes hits and sometimes misses. Looking forward to podcast and the discussion here. I'm hoping other folks enjoyed it and can point out all the good stuff. But hey, even I still end up not liking this episode, that's only one miss out of twelve so far. Pretty damn good ratio.
  4. This is one of the best episodes so far. Right up there with Ghosts 'N Goblins and the 45 brains.
  5. You seem like a really positive person who is fun to be around. You must have a lot of friends.
  6. I really, REALLY don't think this is the case. I doubt Lynch would go back to this well again. And Frost doesn't seem like the kind of writer who is interested in that type of story. He's obsessed with bringing the pieces together, even if it means some forced connections.
  7. I also lost my shit when, after studying Hastings's blown apart head, Gordon announces, "He's dead."
  8. In the David Lynch documentary "The Art Life" he recounts a story of being a young boy playing with his friends outside in his nice little neighborhood in Montana. I'll probably get some of these details wrong, but I remember him mentioning seeing a naked, bloody woman walk out of the woods? out from behind some houses? and sit down on the sidewalk (maybe I'm not remembering that part right either.) Interesting to see something similar play out during this episode. Lots of things to love during this episode. I really appreciated the economy of the storytelling. In this episode we learn that not only is Shelly's last name Briggs, but that it also didn't work out. Loved the totally bizarre scene that starts with the bullets whizzing into the Double R and ends with the angry/scared lady shrieking along with the car horns as her zombie daughter vomits all over and Bobby looks as dumbfounded as I felt. Also love/fear the strange little badass kid.
  9. Petition to add a subtitle to this episode: "Mask of Cool Teen." Just think about all the Wizard Jam potential. The Return, Part 9, Mask of Cool Teen
  10. Hey LostInTheMovies! I watched your TP series on youtube to prepare for this season. Really loved your comparison between Twin Peaks and Evangelion as well! Looking forward to what you do with season 3.
  11. One of my favorite scenes from the original series: Think there's any connection to the place Cooper goes in episode 3 and the place where we meet the giant this one? We get "a palazzao of some fantastic proportion" "a gleaming radiant marble" "knocking at the door". I kinda hope it's not connected.
  12. I would have loved to have seen the script for this episode. Was it just like 2 scenes and then in brackets [David stuff.]? I did laugh out loud when Nine Inch Nails was introduced. I don't know if that was meant to be taken seriously, but I just couldn't. I love that David Lynch is just getting to do what he wants. Loved the episode. Some good scares.
  13. Chris, I love you. But there's no way your shoe-hornin' buckwheat tea-drinkin', salt-pig enorisin' ass has 30 years before you're going to be a magnifying glass wielding old man. You'll be endorsing that old man's whole getup in 3 months, tops.
  14. What is going on with this woman's office decor?
  15. There's lots of great comedians in bit roles this season. Stephanie Allayne was one of the interviewed people this season and Brett Gelman was the casino manager that got fired. All my comedy podcast friends are in Twin Peaks now!
  16. Good to see Doc Hayward again. Love that he starts the scene by saying that he couldn't remember what he ate for breakfast and then ends if by painstakingly detailing what he had for breakfast. Thoughts on that? Just a goof?
  17. I came here to post this! A fun little bit of recursive referencing. The X-files featured many Twin Peaks cast members after Peaks wrapped up and The X-files began. And now we get this little nod. I love it. When Jacoby started livestreaming the only thing that I could think of is Chris excitedly exclaiming "Outrageous!"
  18. I can't accept that people don't like Wally Brando. I won't accept it.
  19. Can we start referring to people and their dopplegangers in ghost/goblin context so I can understand what's happening?
  20. So I think it was in this episode that Cooper shows up in the New York box? So chronologically Cooper shows up before the Murderous Video Effect. Is it possible the Video Effect is chasing/following him?
  21. I lost my mind when Michael Cera came on. I knew who was going to be playing that character only moments before the reveal. Absolutely 1000000% perfect role for Cera. Instantly one of the most funny moments in the series. Love Cole and Albert being on the case. Love "Fix your heart or die."
  22. Having just watched all 4 episodes released online, I can't quite recall where the demarcation points are between episodes, so I'll just stay vague. One thing that I didn't expect to happen was to get really emotional upon seeing certain characters again. I only really got into Twin Peaks a few years ago. I didn't grow up with it like I did with say Star Wars. All the same, just like with The Force Awakens, I found myself tearing up upon seeing old favorites back. Especially the Log Lady. I also got pretty weepy when Laura and Coop share the scene in the Lodge. That's all I have for now. Episode 3 is phenomenal, mirroring season 1. I'm really sad that Catherine Coulson and Miguel Ferrer passed away before the show made it back to air. I'm really grateful to be getting some damn fine David Lynch in my life again.
  23. Quitter's Club: Don't be ashamed to quit the game.

    This is my 5th attempt to get through Amnesia. Once, I got past the water part and was too scared to continue. Every other time I failed at managing light resources and had to stop because I couldn't see.