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  1. Episode 371: 3MA After Dark

    Commander is fantastic in general, and it also has cross-platform multiplayer. It's perfect for the ipad. Other than that I always go back to King of Dragon Pass. Those are probably the best two ipad games. And Washington, DC has a lot of gamer types. There's a pair of games from MMP that combine to make a company-level Market Garden. It's pretty great. If there were ever a half dozen dedicated people it'd be doable in a weekend with each of them taking command of a division. Or more if people split units up lower than division level. All we would need is space:
  2. Episode 299: Earliest Access

    I'm sure Jon appreciated being the pinata during this episode. I think this is the first time I've considered Soren to be flat-out wrong on a topic. He's not only wrong, but I feel like he's being disingenuous. The way he makes it sound, you can only perform robust testing on a game when it's for sale on Steam Early Access. That middle ground he keeps pining for is a beta. A closed beta. It gets lots of people testing, but you can restrict how many and who they are. The thing he's not saying is that historically you can't charge people forty bucks a pop to test for you. I don't begrudge him wanting to make piles of money. I do begrudge him giving advice to Jon like Jon's being an idiot for not embracing Steam Early Access. Yes, it's a win-win for devs to get testers to pay them for the priveledge of testing. But likewise it's a lose-lose proposition for the customers that pay to do QA work. I wouldn't talk down to Jon just because he has more respect for his customers.