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  1. Plug your shit

    Hey team So my partner and I are running a vide games podcast (how very original I know) The ideas barrel has run dry however and so I was wondering if anyone could suggest some open video game questions for us to cover. Thanks in advance. The Game Jabber Podcast BTW.
  2. I completed Hardline this weekend and I had many mixed thoughts about the game and wondered if anyone else did. I have listed my pros and cons below but it contains spoilers. Let me know.
  3. Post your face!

    Me at Xmas just gone, visiting family in England
  4. Screenshots. Shots of your screen.

    I found this very ironic
  5. Do you think that was a sly nod at the current trend seeming 'Master chief' is so close to 'remaster'?
  6. Yea I can understand that. We played BL 2 a few years ago so it a fresh plus we didn't play any of the DLC
  7. Cities: Skylines

    Yea just checked I get like $30 back but its a nuisance. More of a #firstworld problem however
  8. Cities: Skylines

    Ywa the smallest you can place is a $40 bit.
  9. No,not spending that much $$
  10. Cities: Skylines

    Anyone else annoyed that you have to place a standard road before you do anything else? The first road I want to place is not normally the standard one
  11. Yea reviews have pointed out that the Pre-Seqeuel suffers frame rate wise under load however 4 people can't sit around my gaming pc and play it, so 4 people around my PS4 and 60" tv will have to do,
  12. Yea its Borderlands on Xbox One and PS4, Borderlands 2 + ALL DLC's and then the Pre Sequel and all it's DLCs. Im very excited. i finish work in an hour. Whisky and video games, best firday night experience going
  13. The YouTuber Chris mentioned needs to be offered a Job in city planning. In fact according to John Oliver his skills are going to be in high demand. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  14. Cities: Skylines

    Especially seeming Homes get pissy when you put a road down next to them WHICH could lead to new parks and new homes WHICH would benefit them but nooo road is bad, graveyard is fucking amazing.