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  1. Yeah I started yelling at the podcast around 52 minutes in when they started joking about there being "weird narrative stuff" in the game, thinking of the mission where you commune with the spirit of Aravis and listen to her tales while exploring ancient ruins (also she talks some shit about the "weird contraption strapped to your feet"). It's around 9m18s into this video if the timestamp link doesn't work. Also this game contains a "Cursed Hot Air Balloon", there's probably some story behind that too, I dunno, I only played the open beta.
  2. The show is continuing to surprise me. The jump 2 months ahead, and basically resetting the investigation and where all the characters are at is a bold move, especially halfway through the season. Also, I didnt see this turn coming AT ALL in the relationship between Velcoro and Semyon and the disappeared rapist subplot, and it's great - I am very invested at this point and excited to see what happens next.
  3. Not a bad theory. They are definitely casting more suspicion on him in this most recent episode, we will see if it goes anywhere.
  4. Yeah that definitely looked like an outtake from Entourage. I was very much taken aback at the brutality of the final scene and how overcome the characters were by what took place (besides Woodrugh, I guess). The further I got from watching it, though, the more out of place it seemed and the less confidence I have that any of it will be justified. If the main characters aren't dealing with the fallout of this one scene for the rest of the season and it barely comes up from here on out, I will be both disappointed and unsurprised. On a more positive note, I was very glad to see Lera Lynn return to the stage at the dive bar this episode, her music has been a high point of this season for me. I was familiar with her work from stumbling across an amazing cover she did of TV On The Radio's "Wolf Like Me" years ago, and despite the passing familiarity I immediately recognized her voice in the first episode.
  5. Apropos of nothing, but I hope in season 3 we discover that present day James drives a Prius.