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  1. Btw, I was sure the Japanese guy was Catherine from the first episode he suddenly appeared. It was so obvious that there was an incredible amount of make-up being used and in a weird unnatural way too. Also, it was obvious that Catherine was going to come back at some point so it made sense narratively. Plus, them took the time last episode to give her scened specifically with Pete, which would have no reason for being otherwise.
  2. This is my first time writing in these forums, partly because I started watching Twin Peaks only a month ago and have just caught up but also because this episode compels me write my rection to it. In answer to Chris and Jake's wonderings on this epsidoe's podcast about how the main dramatic scene holds up ... heck yes it does! This is my first time wacthing Twin Peaks and I really had no proper idea that Leland was about to be revealed as Bob, not at the first clip of him staring in the mirror before cutting back to the Roadhouse anyway. I'd gotten that Bob would probably be some existing character morphing into him as of a few episodes back but as just as likely though this scene would be another vision of him from Sarah(?)'s viewpoint rather than a physical manifestation. And yes, all signs seemed to point to Ben Horne, although I was thinking while viewing it that that seemed a bit too easy. I just want to put across how much that scene was shocking and unsettling to me. I haven't been made to feel that way by other bits of television or films harldy ever - and I don't have any equivalents coming to my mind right now. Normally this kind of violence is seen in the aftermath or eluded to, but this confronts it head on. The punches felt particularly brutal and shocking - I don't know why in terms of choreography/editing specifics they succeeded in feeling so different to an army soldier/superhero punching someone for the 100th time but they landed in a way that felt more real and savage. It all felt exactly right for the character of Bob from what had been seen so far - the actions matched what had been learnt about him from the visions and the investigation into Laura's murder; which is why the prancing towards her from Leland's character made you know he was Bob and that was completely chilling. Chilling is the word. That scene will stay with me likely forever.