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  1. Super Mario Galaxy: 600%

    Hah, I never ended up finishing this. Was doing it while I was computer-less for two months, then I got my computer back
  2. Super Mario Galaxy: 600%

    opinionated in a way that is different from me
  3. Favorite Level in a video game

    Portal test chamber 16, the one with the turrets It's just fun to fuck around with them
  4. You also weren't the person that said you remembered playing SSX 1 on the Dreamcast -- that was Chris
  5. Idle Sugar

    Does soda count? I love soda I don't really like chocolate unless it comes with something else, like a Reese's Cup or a Kit Kat (god tier) mini chewy sweet tarts are pretty good even if the name of the candy is entirely adjectives
  6. Very few games have enough weird stuff I like a lot in them enough for me to finish most games, much less play them to completion. I remember 100%ing Saints Row 4 twice because that game rules, and getting all 120 stars in the first Mario Galaxy like 5 times
  7. It did, I even wrote in a follow up email saying as much
  8. I was the loser that wrote in about SSX
  9. Futurama

    I really feel like some of the best Futurama episodes were ones that dealt with Fry and Leela, like the one with the time skips (Time Keeps On Slipping) or the one where Fry takes being stung by that bee for her and she dreams about him having died.
  10. Super Mario Galaxy: 600%

    I've now finished 2 and 1/2 playthroughs of Mario, making me Halfway to Halfway to Halfway there
  11. Super Mario Galaxy: 600%

    currently at 111 stars
  12. Super Mario Galaxy: 600%

    Lords Management
  13. Super Mario Galaxy: 600%

    Just got done playing for a bit. Currently at 63 stars