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  1. Twin Peaks Rewatch 31: Fire Walk With Me

    That's high praise! It certainly is a fun movie to talk about.
  2. Twin Peaks Rewatch 31: Fire Walk With Me

    Yeah that's fair. I never really intended my podcast to be a deep delve into the show. It was more about the raw reactions of first time viewers, whether they ended up liking it or not I had no way to foresee.However if you gave up after two episodes, I'll just let you know that by the end both of my newbies said that it was now one of their favorite shows ever, but they may have ended up liking it for different reasons than you I guess. Brad was hard on Cooper until the very end. But he loved Dick Tremayne, Albert, Nadine, Audrey, Hawk, Major Briggs and BOB. We all hated Donna though. Haha.
  3. Twin Peaks Rewatch 31: Fire Walk With Me

    You know what? You're right. I completely forgot about that since within the fandom they are generally always referred to as the Tremonds.
  4. Twin Peaks Discussion

    Anyone here who likes Twin Peaks enough to consider going to the Twin Peaks Fest, I really encourage you to do it. Here's a video of my trip last year. Check out all the shooting locations then/now!
  5. Twin Peaks Rewatch 31: Fire Walk With Me

    Also while listening to the Nine Inch Nails song "Closer" at work, images of this movie popped into my head and I had to make this. Not FWWM related, but the same thing happened with Dick Tremayne's theme. I felt compelled to put lyrics to the tune. Apparently they might play this for Ian Buchanan (Dick Tremayne) at this year's Twin Peaks Fest in the theatre on movie night.
  6. Twin Peaks Rewatch 31: Fire Walk With Me

    Currently listening to you guys talk about Fire Walk with Me. It’s a great time, but I find myself wanting to yell answers at my computer while I listen. Wish I could be part of the conversation… Here’s my running thoughts on your discussions. The shooting locations are in the same town(s) as the pilot, but they feel different because the film was shot in the summer. Everything is much sunnier and more dry than when the pilot was filmed in late winter/early spring. Many of the scenes are shot in new locations that weren’t used in the pilot, but they are still all located in the same general area of the Snoqualmie valley. The Palmer House interior is the same as in the series, but the exterior has changed for the film. The exterior used in the series was actually a completely different house than the interior. Now in the movie, the same house is used for both interior and exterior. You’re couldn’t be more wrong about how Agent Cooper and Sam would interact. Coop doesn’t find Sam endearing at all. For some reason he seems to really dislike Sam. You’re actually going to see the two of them together in the Missing Pieces. Extra trivia for you: Sam was mentioned by Cooper in the pilot episode after he pulled the letter from Laura Palmer’s finger nail. “Diane, send this to Albert and his team. Don’t send it to Sam. Albert is a little more on the ball.” Desmond did purposely make Sam spill his coffee. He asked him to look at his watch while he was still holding his coffee cup, guessing he was too spaced out to realize he should put the cup down first before turning his wrist. The Roadhouse was probably the other location with a neon sign that you were thinking of. There are iconic shots of the roadhouse’s neon sign reflected in a puddle in the parking lot. The scene with David Bowie that is cross fading between him in the Philadelphia office and the scene of the lodge entities meeting “above the convenience store” was originally two separate scenes. When you watch the missing pieces you will see both scenes in their entirety without the static crossfading. So I’m guessing that when Lynch was trimming the movie, he still wanted to keep both scenes so he just stuck them in the movie on top of each other. What you said about the black lodge and its effect on time and a person’s life seems to be dead on. This film takes place before Coop had ever gone to Twin Peaks, but the first time you see him you can faintly hear some black lodge music. Also Phillip Jeffries points to him and asks, “Who do you think that is there?” Possibly in reference to his future possession by BOB. Laura has a dream about Annie, who tells her about Coop being trapped in the black lodge. And of course at the end when Laura ends up in the red room, Coop is already there waiting to usher her to what we can assume is the white lodge. James does say to Donna in the pilot that Laura told him Bobby killed a guy. He basically describes the whole scene where she gets off the bike and runs away from him into the woods, beat by beat. This all had to be in the movie, basically because it was previously mentioned that it had happened. The Grandmother/Grandson are the “Tremonds”, not whatever name you were saying. In the train car scene, Laura’s guardian angel that had previously left her alone (i.e. disappeared from the painting) in the middle of the movie seemingly helps Ronette escape her bonds. Mike throws the ring into the train car after Leland pushes Ronette out the door. The ring seems to be a weird thing in that whoever puts it on, BOB is compelled to kill them. BOB wanted to possess Laura, but when she puts on the ring he screams with rage as he must now kill her. This is her defeating him, by not letting him have her. Dream Coop told her not to take the ring previously, probably because he knew it would lead to her death. After her death she goes to the waiting (red) room, where Cooper is waiting for her. She cries tears of joy when her guardian angel re-appears to usher her to the white lodge. There is a beautiful deleted scene in the Missing Pieces with Doc Hayward that foreshadows this. In the final episode a lot of people think that Cooper injured his head on the mirror so that he would be taken to the hospital where Annie is. This would give BOB a chance to kill Annie before she wakes and has a chance to tell anyone that the real Coop is still in the lodge. Indeed in Missing Pieces of this film, Annie is seen wearing the ring in the hospital, presumably marked for death until a nurse steals it from her. Not sure where that would have gone. I guess Coop will end up killing that nurse. Also, the ring seems to be made of the same material as the table that the “Man from Another Place” (The little man) runs his hands over while saying, “This is the formica table”. If I’m not mistaken there’s even a chunk of the table missing, presumably the piece that the ring is made from. With the way you guys enjoyed this movie I REALLY think you should read “The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer”. The themes are extremely similar to Fire Walk with Me. I usually suggest people read it before the movie, to help prep them for its subject matter and shift in tone from the TV series. But since you’re already fans of the movie, I’m confident you’ll like the book a lot. I got my Twin Peaks Podcast co-hosts to read it before watching FWWM and they said it really helped them more fully understand the character of Laura and how dark the world of the movie is. Maybe you can do a bonus show on it? J Other things you could check out are: You could listen to Cooper’s audio tapes and you could read Cooper’s autobiography. These 2 things are interesting, but not really necessary in my opinion the way Laura’s diary is. That’s all for now. Feel free to grab any snippits from this that you found interesting and share them on the podcast! I wouldn’t expect you to read this whole thing aloud. Matt Humphrey, Host of “The Twin Peaks Podcast”
  7. Twin Peaks Discussion

    Hey thought you all may enjoy my latest Twin Peaks project: Celebrate Twin Peaks Day 2015, (February 23rd, the anniversary Laura Palmer's death) by watching the Twin Peaks pilot one more time along with this special commentary track. Pieter Dom from and Brad Dukes, author of Reflections: An Oral History of Twin Peaks join your host Matt to give some new opinions, facts and trivia on an episode of television you've probably seen more times than you care to admit.
  8. Twin Peaks Rewatch 17: Arbitrary Law

    From now on when you all watch Ernie Niles in this series pay close attention to his wandering American accent. It's hilariously bad. He's obviously British.
  9. Twin Peaks Discussion

    I just thought I'd share this great find with you all. I remember the hosts pointing out that Twin Peaks was crazy popular in Japan and that's true. I'm sure many of you have seen the Georgia Coffee commercials. This is something different and neat though. This series of videos appears to be from a Japanese release of something called the "Twin Peaks Visual Soundtrack". What they are is footage of the Snoqualmie Valley shooting locations from the time of the series. They are a really neat time capsule. The most interesting one in my opinion is this one: It explores the train graveyard where they filmed the exteriors of Laura's death location. Now in the series the interiors of the train were built on sets. In this video you can see the actual interior of the old trains. It's pretty cool/gross. I went to the Twin Peaks Fest last year and visited most locations, but this wasn't on the trip. I don't even think it's still there. I'd still love to go to the location and see what I can find, but the train graveyard is really mysterious. It's one of the few sites not mentioned on this excellent site that shows shooting locations then and now: (They even located the exact branch the bird from the credits perches on for Pete's sake!) From what I can tell I'm guessing these Visual Soundtrack videos were taken in maybe 1992 by a Japanese film crew (In some of the videos you can see the towns folk staring). The double R diner is already sporting the "Twin Peaks Cherry Pie" sign, so I think it's after the series run. However the town of North Bend is still in full Twin Peaks promotional mode as you can see some gift shops in the videos selling all sorts of memorabilia .
  10. Twin Peaks Rewatch 14: Demons

    Hey everyone, just thought I'd take the chance to introduce myself. My name is Matt and I'm the host of "The Twin Peaks Podcast". I shared this video tribute to Dick Tremayne that I made with Jake and Chris already and they found it amusing so I thought maybe you all would enjoy it as well! took Dick Tremayne's theme and added custom lyrics. PS. Are we not allowed to make our own topics here? I only see ones created by Jake and I want to show everyone a cool video series I found on youtube.