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  1. Though Michael Horse doesn't appear to be in costume - I've seen other interviews and he seems to be fond of denim shirts - he does look like he's at the old sawmill site north of Snoqualmie, which is also the filming location for the Sheriff's station in the series.
  2. Consensus among my friends is that is Lynch taking a selfie towards the end... the question is - with the suit and tie, ID badge (or hearing aid?), and relatively tame hairstyle - is he in costume as Gordon?
  3. Correct, Sam's brother played Mr. Tommaski!
  4. Hell... even James could've acknowledged to Evelyn that the "girl who died" had been - as he now knew - also a victim of abuse. Perhaps his guilt over being unable to help Laura could've been established as his motive to try to help Evelyn. Alternately, they could've just developed better 2nd season plot-lines to start with.
  5. Specifically, the "Three days later" jump took place between Leland's death and the day of his funeral and wake. An especially odd choice, as we skip over the grief and shock of both Maddie and Leland's deaths, as well as the tremendous revelation to the town about Leland's "relationship" with Laura. It was, after all, just this sort of thing that introduced us to the town in the pilot and first few episodes. As it is, these monumental events are largely, disturbingly, brushed off. I read somewhere (it might even have been from Joel "LostInTheMovies" in another forum) the suggestion that the shaky plot developments in the 2nd half of the season would've done well to tie into the Leland/Laura drama. Ben's Civil War tangent might have suggested roots in shock and guilt Ben felt upon discovering the truth about Laura's plight and Leland's transgression. Would've given it some 'meat' and better tied it to the previously established theme of the "whole damned town."
  6. Note: David L. Lander actually is playing the same Tim Pinkle character we've seen before selling the "Leo-lifter". The character seems to be a Jack-of-all-trades. According to the two-page [mock] ad in the Lynch-Frost-penned Access Guide, Tim and his blind brother also operate Tim & Tom's Taxidermy ("We'll drive anyone, anywhere. We'll stuff anything, even a bear.") In an earlier episode Pete shows Truman a trout he'd just gotten "back from Tim & Tom's Taxidermy." This also explains the stuffed weasel that "Squiggy" proffers to Dick in this episode...
  7. This'n ...also not good. Courage, gents: after the low point that is this and the previous episode, the series does start to course-correct. Considering how dreadful these episodes are, it's astonishing how very fine some of the upcoming hours are.
  8. Two more grueling hours ere the show starts to get back on track... Meanwhile, this episode (which I haven' re-watched lately) has long stood out as one of the most poorly written. While I enjoyed his "Autobiography of Dale Cooper" tie-in book, writer Scott Frost really disappoints here. The monologue he gives his father (as Doc Haward) during the "climax" of the Little Nicky plot is supremely groan-worthy. But, viewers take heed: As has previously been revealed, Little Nicky may be the Devil His case worker is Judy Swain... Just plant that in your subconscious ;-)
  9. Indeed. No new TP Rewatch, no new Arrow, two dreary conference calls for the day-job, and heaps of heavy snow to shovel in northern New York. Not the best Wednesday...
  10. "Old Nick" is in fact a colloquialism for the Devil. [And note that Nicky's case worker's name is Judy. Mystery = solved.]
  11. Twin Peaks Discussion

    I don't suppose you mean this retro Atari 2600-styled one. http://jak.worlord.com/blacklodge2600/
  12. Brace yourselves. Though this episode (I believe) infamously introduces Little Nicky, Evelyn Marsh AND Lana Milford, I've long considered Episodes 21 and 22 to be the low point of the series. [You will call them: Episode 22: "Double Play" and Episode 23: "Slaves and Masters". ] Here we witness the poorest storylines [*claps hands*] collide with the poorest execution, imo.
  13. As LostInTheMovies has nicely addressed the mythology elements, I will simply note that the opening footage of James on his hog was film David Lynch had shot on location while the pilot was being made... Looking forward to future podcasts!
  14. Side note: Ben & Jerry's 'babysitter', Lousie Dombrowski, played by the assistant to producer Gregg Fienberg, is Emily Fincher, whom I believe is [director] David Fincher's sister.
  15. Twin Peaks Rewatch 14: Demons

    Regarding last week's SPOILER letter