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  1. The person in the woods with Leo, Bobby and Mike IS NOT the same person lurking and attacking Dr. Jacoby. The implication in the football drug deal is that the person in the woods with Leo is "the money" behind the drug trafficking (possibly Ben Horne, but more likely Jean Renault). The person at the gazebo is someone who followed a Laura disguised Maddy. . The fact that Jean Renault was "the money" behind the Twin Peaks drug trade and his own brother, Jacques, is unaware of this says a lot about their relationship.
  2. Twin Peaks Rewatch 15: Lonely Souls

    Sarah Palmer was poisoned/drugged. The drug used was heroin, which is also sometimes referred to as "horse". Sometimes the symbols can be that obvious. There are many times throughout the show prior to this where Dr. Haywood is giving Sarah a sedative. I've always assumed that Dr. Haywood thought that Sarah had a heroin dependency, when it was actually Leland dosing his wife with drugs to, ah, get away with certain things.
  3. Twin Peaks Discussion

    Way back when Twin Peaks was first on the air, I, and my other obsessed friends watched with microscopic intensity. One of the things we discovered from context of the shows is the dates that each episode took place. The pilot opens at dawn on February 24, 1989 which is the same date that Laura died. Each episode is about one day in length, though some episodes end well after midnight, still, the following episode picks up after dawn on the same day. The end of season one takes place on the day and night of March 3, 1989 yet ends well after midnight on March 4, 1989. Season two opens later in the day on March 4, 1989. This stands throughout the first season, and well into the second until you get to the episode that has the text that says, "Several Days Later", which makes it harder to determine what days things happen from then on. February 24, 1989 was a Friday, so the 25th and the 26th were a weekend. Once you know the days of the week, the lack of school attendance on the part of some of the high school characters begin to make sense. Donna isn't skipping school to deliver food for the Meals on Wheels. She's just delivering it on a Saturday. That's not to say that characters aren't skipping classes, though.
  4. A little bit of info about the song "PEnnsylvania 6-5000." The song title is in reference to a phone number (PE would be 73 so the number is 736-5000), a number in New York City in the Penn Station exchange. The sound of the phone ringing in the scene where you hear the song is actually in the song itself.