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  1. Dota Today 17: Aui_2000

    So cute. I love seeing players having fun just bringing joy to the community. Who cares, I guess, but he's a couple inches taller than me when standing next to him. So, Puppey is around 6'7"-6'8" (even taller looking with his puffy hair). Dendi looks shorter because he's so lanky, but he might be 6'2" or 6'3". It's tough to tell with his Vanaman posture. And Sheever is an amazon at like 6'4" or so.
  2. It was more discussing Synd's diagnoses of the various problems related to the pro scene from different points of view. I don't know if I'd like to see Valve do more or not because there are very real trade-offs to any "solution" one can present, and I think that was more the crux of that part of the conversation.
  3. If it means fewer resources for other projects--despite loving Dota--then I'm in the camp of wishing they don't do more. Also, any suggestions for me(James)/us on stuff to do/cover is more than welcome. It would be fun to occasionally do a stream, or play a game with people in the Dota guild if there were any interest.