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  1. Well I tried a number of different things on just getting ChucK to build at all: building with mingw's make with no luck (it was choking on syntax errors), building with the recent version of visual studio as you also tried, and finally going the cygwin route and installing the dependencies needed to get that mostly working. I got the build process to the point where the available software needed for building (a version of Microsoft's msbuild that supports Visual C++ 6 and associated compiler) doesn't seem to be available anywhere I can find even on the Microsoft side of things. That all being said I could still be totally wrong about this and there still might be a way. I'm used to doing more building on the Linux side of things and I'm not really a C/C++ programmer so there could be some things I'm missing there as well. If you pick this up again I wish you the best of luck going forward because it seems like it's going to be a wall of butts getting this to build at all.
  2. I somewhat recently built Aseprite for windows because I'm too broke to buy it, I'll give this a shot and see if I can help any. What version of Windows are you running?
  3. Creativity

    Thanks for all of the helpful advice and resources everyone. I'm going to start focusing on tackling my hairy lines as it sounds like a bad habit to get into which is something I'm trying to avoid before I get too comfortable with how I'm practicing. As for where I want to go with this I don't have an exact answer and I feel like I don't know enough to speak competently about it. What I do know is that I really enjoy stylized character design (a lot of Akihiko Yoshida's work for example) but I don't know if that's something that a person would focus on doing as opposed to other things. The one thing that seems to be consistent is that everyone recommends learning to draw from life/understanding how things are put together before working on stylizing. Additionally I'm also a programmer learning game dev and I figure learning some art skills would help round out my skills.
  4. Creativity

    Dang you are all some pretty talented people. I've just started learning to draw and I'm a couple of weeks in at this point. So far I've mostly been practicing by doing timed form drawings. Also nudity warning. From a 5 minute form drawing: 15 minutes Any advice and/or resources people recommend are very welcome. I'm kind of not sure what to do other than keep on drawing things.
  5. RIP David Bowie

    BBC Radio 6 is playing his and associated work at least for the time being. Doesn't appear to be region locked:
  6. RIP David Bowie

    I definitely felt like Bowie was forever, it just never occurred to me otherwise. This really does hurt. I had never seen this before, thank you for sharing this. I love how much he's enjoying that scene.
  7. [Question] Unity3d first person development

    If you haven't resolved this yet you might also want to try increasing the height of your Rect that you're constructing the label with. I did a quick test and only saw the very top pixels of the string that I used for testing with a height of 10. It appears that everything else was truncated. This testing was done in 2D mode so I'm not sure how much that changes things. Hope that also helps! Edit: spelling
  8. AGDQ 2016

    Was there a game(s) run that felt particularly like this? I thought it was a little strange having the Hat in Time speed run as part of the event - I don't think that game is even released yet? Of course I realize that is tremendously nitpicky because this is a charity event and any work in helping charity should be encouraged.
  9. Plug your shit

    I haven't read the article on The Foxy Merkins yet but I clicked through to the post on masculinity in the Cornetto Trilogy and I wanted to point out how much I liked the analysis. I still haven't watched The World's End though I enjoyed the other two movies for reasons that the post articulates well but I hadn't been able to put to words.
  10. Life

    I'm pretty excited for my sleep schedule to get all weird like this, it's my last week at my current job and I'm pretty happy about it!
  11. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    So I don't if this particular instance was GG (but it usually never is, no true Scotsman and all) but I was at alterconf today and there was a guy hanging outside of the entrance taking notes on people coming and going. I know it's been said before but geez that's some serious creep factor going on there.
  12. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hey everyone, I've been lurking and listening to the podcast for a while and decided to stop in and say 'Hi'. People seem to be pretty cool on this board and not the type I usually think of as 'video game people'. I apologize in advance if that raises anyone's ire but the majority of my exposure to other people who are involved with games has been the proto-GGers I grew up with so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯