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  1. Episode 403: Survival Strategy

    Who let the guest get away with saying Dwarf Fortress was released in 2008? The switch to 3D (z-levels) happened in 2008, the initial release was in 2006. The later release date messes a bit with the timeline as offered in the show. Otherwise an interesting episode. I especially liked Troy's callback to the "is the Sim's a strategy game" argument from a constellation of hosts far away and long ago. Keep up the good work.
  2. One quick question: Exactly what automation option do I have to select in Distant Worlds: Universe to enable me to play with only one ship? Regarding Endless Legend: I like it well enough, but my buy-in level for the story is so low that the faction differences just pass me by, it's all FIDS one way or the other like Gaizokubano laid out in some fair detail. By the way, is anyone else bothered by the UI being stylistically too similar in all the endless games by Amplitude? It really bugs me for some reason I can't put my finger on. For me, I just don't think any new 4x can manage to engage sufficiently to keep my interest for more than 20+ hours. Civ: Distant Worlds sort of did, because I was hoping way past where it was even plausible that the end game would be good, or that it would in any way match up to Alpha Centauri - it's perfectly competent, with a couple of nice touches, but in the end not compelling and generecially bland. In the end, I think, as mentioned on the podcast, that Paradox has pretty much ruined other franchises for me. EU - the first one - was great, but EUIV and CKII are absolutely amazing, and probably my go-to games if I can ever find the time for a proper 4x play again as both of them require more time just to create the right headspace to play them. I'll give DW: Universe a spin, as it sounds interesting, but It's got a steep hill to climb to beat out even just the opening 2 hours of Viking raiding in a CKII game.