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  1. No it isn't. First person shooting breaks the game and makes it very easy. Its still a good ass PS1 game. They also ruined the cutscenes and made it all Matrix bullshit or whatever and re-recorded the voice acting and it wasn't the same.
  2. I gotta say listening to Nick's enthusiasm for the game was amazing because when he likes something he seems very passionate about it and maybe I haven't listened in a while but I think there hasn't been a game he's been super into and amazed by since MGS5. Also hilarious was Danielle's and Jake's questions about it because they haven't played the game. I know Danielle says she's been watching her GF play the game but I heavily recommend she play it as well. I wish Sean was on the episode or at least will be on next week if he has had any time with MGS5 because I am very interested to hear what he has to say. Episode was fantastic. Also really enjoyed Chris talking about MGS5 because he and Nick were going crazy and it made for good podcasting. Someone needs to make a youtube clip or animate the Jeff Goldblum story because I died laughing listening to it. Especially when Danielle asked for them to explain what they meant by "Goldblum-ing the fuck out" and Chris and Nick going hard lmao. GOOD SHOW