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  1. Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-

    I'm really hoping they eventually do a PC ver. SF5 style, with cross play. I really dont want to buy a new stick (and shouldnt have to, proven by Lab Zero) for PS4 since I have 7 between 360 and PS3 already.
  2. Not my all time best, but I full heartedly believe Eve Online is probably the best game ever created in regards to; - How it has stood the test of time at 10 years old and looking better than most current releases. Its so damn beautiful. Remember this is a game thats older than WoW. - The achievement of having a full economy in the game that is fully powered by the players. Open to manipulation and and backroom shenanigans to the point where playing the market is almost a full game in itself. - The constant iteration keeping it fresh and every expansion being free so as to never segregate the player base. My 10 year old toon has the same opportunity as someone who just subbed for a month. - The skill system where its completely free of traditional levels. Yes my toon may be able to fly many more ships at a high level than someone new but if that new player focuses on one ship they can pilot it pretty much as well as I can after only a short time. Even a week old player can be of use in a fleet. Compared to a WoW where a Lv1 has no value at all to a Lv 80. Heck, even a Lv70 has no value to a Lv80. - The meta game. There is no game that has even a fraction of the Eve metagame. You could actually write books on all the amazing schemes people have pulled off. - The scale. The first time you come across a titan and see how it dwarfs your battleship you will gasp. Even more so than the Colossus or Sathanas in Freespace 2. - The players. The craftiness, the cunning, the love, the hate, the camaraderie and over all the passion. Its magical. That trailer makes me properly emotional. Like what a normal person would feel towards a child but more genuine. I just wish everyone could experience it at its best rather than being put off by the harsh new player experience. To put it in terms that folk understand. Eve is space Dota. Its real hard to get over your first few hours in the game. You will get punched repeatedly and be expected to like it. Then, for the select few who survive the gauntlet, something special opens up and no matter if you want to join a 10 thousand man alliance or just a small 5 man corp or even solo the options are huge and everything you do has an effect on other players even if you never PVP. What CCP have managed to create should never have happened. So much should have went wrong and brought it to its knees yet it hasn't. They have made a lot of missteps such as Dust 514 but dang those guys deserve a whole lot of credit for working real hard and keeping it relevant. Updates are coming even faster than ever now with the last 4-5 months having almost as many changes as the previous 1-2 years. (that is actually a screen from about 4 years and multiple graphic upgrades ago, I just love it its so pretty ) My personal fav would probably be Doom though Ive played it to completion on just about every format its ever been released on.
  3. Dota Today 14: The Summit 2

    Which ever format makes it easier for you to supply us with regular episodes is fine with me. Empty baked bean cans connected by string if you must.
  4. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hello fellas. I'm Alan from Scotland. Been listening for some time and figured, what the hell its Xmas lets sign up! Primarily a PC gamer though I have all the consoles except an X1. I do love that Vita lots. My fav movie is Lost Highway and my fav music is generally located in a sphere around Mike Patton though I listen to absolutely everything. Currently getting big into Dota (around 100 matches so still early and noob). I listened to all the Dota Today podcasts pretty much before I started playing writing notes of what characters sounded interesting along with things like "a bottle? wtf is that?". Now I'm going back through them again and it actually makes sense this time! Working through the hero challenge (44 in) because I figured it would help my awareness of what each lord can do. I have a list of all the lords Ive played rating them out of 5 for how much I enjoyed them Probably would have done my game better to focus on a few characters but I'll get there! Dazzle is my main man, also dig IO, Lich and Invoker. Other than Dota I love me some Street Fighter, Eve Online (though I havent played much lately), Elite Dangerous and I'll pretty much give anything a shot really. My "bestest games ever" would be System Shock 2, Fallout 2, Doom, Street Fighter 4(vanilla) and The Last Of Us. In no real order.