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  1. This. I was grinning like a maniac for the rest of the episode after that stunning twist.
  2. I tweeted this @idlethumbs earlier but thought it belonged here: Hearing the thumbs mention the "Lines of Blow" tweet made me recall this recent glorious pun by Richard Cobbett in response to Wizardry 7 and gay porn (5 answers down):
  3. Great Episode! Only thing I could think of during the Frog Fractions Segment: If there's an incredibly complex, highly absurd and varying-in-nature ARG going on by the creator of Frog Fractions - is there no one asking themselves if this is Frog Fractions 2? Especially since the production of all those additional games, websites, podcasts and whatnot surely take a lot of time and (kickstarter)money. I for one would love it if he announced it in the end.
  4. AMAZEing going to A MAZE Berlin 2015

    I'm here and always happy to get to know people. Tomorrow evenning or saturday when there's only the games exhibition would be fine!
  5. Nice! Looking forward to showing off my rad colorful hair from when I still had more on my head
  6. The Curious Expedition

    Thanks for the corrections. I wasn't aware of that. I agree about the difficulty probably lowering a lot after the initial phase. For example, I just figured out how to use caves in the last days before my last death. But this is really something I like very much about the game so far - it's (or at least was) often times not really discernable what things are doing and exploration is everything.
  7. Isn't this an attitude about games writing in general, not only about Twine? I always have trouble when confronted with this argument, even though I feel the same way about the situation - I'd like my games to keep text to a minimum even though I'm a very narrative focused player. This is highly interesting to me because I just stumbled about this discovery while watching Jon Ingold talk about designing 80 days in the GDC Vault, which I highly recommend watching. He was making this exact same point - shorten the text because people will probably not read it anyway but they will always read the choices you give them. So it's better to create more steps for the player, maintain an illusion of branching and give a sense of moving forward rapidly even though the choices themselves are effectively meaningless. I think it also explains why I stopped playing Sunless Sea (although I loved the atmosphere) but loved Sorcery! 1 & 2 and am currently on my 4th playthrough of 80 days.
  8. The Curious Expedition

    I've played it multiple times during the various promotions. I really like the direction they're going, but I probably won't buy it in Early Access because it still lacked a lot of design polish, in my opinion. I was also finding the difficulty to be enormous and, given that there's no saving, prone to heightened frustration (accidentally click wrongly or, god forbid, close the tab). But I never felt so much joy in exploration, I think. Furthest expedition I'd made was 5th. With Ada Lovelace. Which brings me to my favourite little anecdote about the devs and this game: The fact that they did a 48h fem jam to research and implement enough female explorers to even out the gender balance. Awesome little thing that can teach one a lot about important scientists one didn't know.
  9. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hello everyone! I've started listening to the Idle Thumbs Podcast last september on recommendation by a fellow forum member and fell in love. Now I'm through with all episodes (!), have finished Far Cry 2 and miss Chris and Jake's voices when playing FTL or Nuclear Throne. Thought it's about time to start looking into the forums. My name's Milan, I'm currently studying Game Research & Development in Germany and am about to write my master thesis on narrative design. Or dialogue in games. Don't know yet. As you may derive from that information, Firewatch is probably the game I am most looking forward to since I can remember =) I'm hoping to find a level of discussion about games that doesn't present itself to me among colleagues...