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  1. The Idle Book Club 17: The Sympathizer

    I hope it's not out of line to ask some questions despite not having read the book. I only listen to episodes of this podcast for books I already know I don't want to read. Also I don't know how to use the spoilers code here, sorry, spoilers below: I'm confused a little about the comments about the white male perspective and how this is supposedly different. After learning that the gang rape of a woman is a major plot point here, I wonder if this book has really taken any different approach to the male perspective at all? It sounds like a very violent rape and also the cinematic depiction of a rape are being used as symbolic metaphors, only ever considered from an unaffected male perspective, and is only being used to further the characterization of the narrator or symbolize the relations between these two countries. It sounds like this novel is very explicitly in a strictly male perspective, and if that's the case I'd argue the comment of the matter of rape being handled "as well as it could be" is at least debatable?