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  1. Thanks for another great show, guys! I'd like to give some feedback on your CS:GO coverage. As I've understood, the hosts are considerably more into League, Dota and StarCraft and this clearly shows - both in terms of time dedicated to covering major events and the quality of that coverage. For instance, some major talking points were missed by this episode: phenomenal performance by G2 (beating VP and very nearly beating Envy in the triple-overtime semifinal), Luminosity besting Fnatic in a BO1 and gaining Legend status, and TSM dropping in quarterfinals. I feel like the coverage would greatly benefit from having more regular guests (or a single semi-regular guest) who are more deeply involved in CS. Getting some major caster or analyst to appear as a guest on some episode would be amazing. Don't take this the wrong way, I love the show and enjoy the CS coverage, but just wanted to point out some areas of improvements to think about.
  2. Finished this today, happy to have finally played it through as I got stuck in year 3 as a kid. Apart from the crashes/freezes around years 2-3 (save often!) I really enjoyed playing it again. Some of the puzzles are really ridiculous though, especially the ones I didn't remember from before
  3. Pre-purchased it on Steam and loving it, although I agree, the achievements are bullshit. I'm playing with black borders because they are easier to ignore than the ornamental gray ones. To be fair, there are some bugs with the navigation and once the loaves of bread in my inventory wouldn't render, but it's all minor stuff. Hopefully they will be fixed though. Am I the only one who's not completely happy with the new audio mix? In my opinion the voice/music levels seem to change from scene to scene. I don't remember the original well enough to compare, though.
  4. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hi all, I started listening last year and I'm currently listening my way through the old episodes, almost up to date now. I was originally introduced to the podcast when Game Design Round Table featured some thumbs as guests. I love the combo of funny banter and insightful analysis of current games that is Idle Thumbs. I also make games for a living, I'm a programmer and I've been in the industry for about a year now. Looking forward to having some great conversations with all of you!