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  1. I imagine that what we see is not raw data. They properly sent the actual raw data through thousands of filters in seach of anything legible. ----- I asked my parents about Twin Peaks yesterday, and their reaction was very much like the parents in the episode. My father mentioned that he watched everything, but he must have slipped off the vagon at some point, as he did not know
  2. Can I just mention how much I love the stool scene? The absurdity is just the right amount of believable. Anyone know what mini-lynch says after the first mention of smith?
  3. Well, it is either Norma or Harold. Wikipedia says it is Norma, but now that you mention it, I also do remember Donna saying that. Not that it matters much. Regarding Norma's motives? I do not really think Norma need any motives. She is properly the least scheming character in the entire show. She properly just overheard the group discussing what to do about their investigations, and just decided to give them a hint.
  4. Norma. She delivers the note, and she is the one organizing the program. She is also way too unassuming about Donna taking over Laura's route, especially as she is at least a little aware of their investigations.