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    There are few things that feel cooler than being spotted by a guard 5 metres away and quickly sprinting at them, sliding and knocking them out with a punch before they can do anything.

    Spent nearly 4 hours on the second mission and still missed half the loot, a painting and some Runes. :/ I was certain I had scoured everywhere. (playing without any markers enabled to encourage me to explore everywhere it looks like I can get to, which is a lot of places)

    On the TXAA issue, I don't see a massive improvement from using the other options, slight but nothing I'd really notice. It's a weird one though, the game is a bit blurrier with TXAA but without it there's these horrible whites lines on the seams of some geometry and it's very distracting so TXAA feels essential.

    Same here, I don't have a frame counter running so I don't know the exact FPS but it generally feels smooth with some occasional drops. No different to just about any other game really. I've spent nearly 3 hours on the second level, there's just so much to do. I'm really enjoying it, looks absolutely gorgeous. The change of setting to a more southern town makes the art feel very fresh and there's a lot of high contrast super bleached stone mixed in with dark alleys etc. It all works very well together. There's still a pile of reading to do with all the notes and books that are left lying around and it adds lots more to this world. Gameplay is generally unchanged but refined(you can knock out people from a high drop, dark vision shows enemies destinations, things like that). I'm playing it stealthily but killing when I fuck up or I'm in a tight spot without relying a lot of loading saves.
  5. The Big VR Thread

    Drive Club VR looks pretty bad compared to other releases. On PlayStation VR both Batman VR and Job Simulator look very good.
  6. The Big FPS Playthrough MISSION COMPLETE

    I've never actually played NOLF but I adore NOLF 2, replayed it a few years ago and thought it held up very well.
  7. PL4YST4TION 4

    If you do some searching you'll find that DVD sales are much much higher than Blu-ray, it's a format that never really took off in the way DVD, CD, MP3 and VHS did. I'd imagine it's partly that 4K is a subset of the smallest physical media market and they don't see it as worth it and partly that they see the future in streaming. Andrew House did mention in an interview on The Guardian that they see streaming as the horse to back. (link: More info on blu-ray sales here:
  8. PL4YST4TION 4

    Yeah people are making a big deal of it but I honestly don't care. It's not something I think I'd use much.
  9. Hitman: Steve Gaynor Edition

    I'll try that method again then.
  10. Hitman: Steve Gaynor Edition

    Completed the level. After lots of wandering and messing about my final solution was: Looking forward to trying other solutions now that I have some alternative starting points to use.
  11. Hitman: Steve Gaynor Edition

    Yeah the bonus missions were very underwhelming, not a whole lot to do in them. I never actually beat Marrakesh, just didn't get into that level at all. The latest one is very good though, I've spent an hour or so on it, haven't beaten it yet. I'm still in my scoping out phase, lots of ways to get around, lots of disguises to use, lots of Intel to find. Pretty much all the things I thought were lacking in Marrakesh. Exterminator:
  12. Pokemon GO

    After nearly a week with it this is how I feel. I'm at a point now where I can't be bothered opening it anymore and any social aspect I've gotten from it is talking about it with people I already know. If I could battle someone who's in the same area, maybe that'd get me talking to them but right now we're just in the same area spinning Pokestops or relaunching the game because it has locked up AGAIN. What's there to talk about? How shit this app is? That's what 50% of my conversations about the game have been.
  13. I agree. It's easy to say people were talking about a game for the rest of the year and into next year when it was released in October, not only that it's late in the year but also that that's when best of the year discussions are going on. I know people who were talking about XCOM 2 a month after release and it had me hooked for 3 weeks straight and like you I plan on playing again when the DLC is released. I've already said a lot in the thread for that TMA podcast on XCOM 2 so I won't reiterate how completely wrong I thought they were about the game. It's kind of weird to hear Rob being so petty about defending his stance on what is a really excellent game.
  14. I haven't gotten to try competitive yet, do you still need to be Level 25? I'm only 21 or 22. How is everyone finding the game now? I think the community has started to improve a lot, people are more chatty and fun recently and more open to going with the fun. Had a lot of fun the other night in a Pharrah v Junkrat match that just happened and everyone was happy to go with it. There's still some bad players and I try to offer constructive feedback(like Mercy needs to move around and heal everyone not just the tank) but I see a lot less people getting angry at video games. Those who do are generally just ignored. I've been playing with my friend as well and it's a lot more fun as you can strategise to some degree with another person.
  15. Mafia III: Django Unchained

    It used to be on Steam but was removed due to licensing issues with the music. I also adored the first Mafia, I'm played through it several times. I even enjoyed the gun combat, it was clunky but made things feel much more tense, Also it was released in 2001 before many 3rd Person Shooter conventions were established. Mafia 2 is exactly like you said, the city was a means to go from A to B and even at that there was massive areas of it not used. Add to that a pile of content was gutted from the story to be used as DLC which they decided to turn into some arcade style high score chasing mess. I was incredibly disappointed. Liking the look of Mafia 3 so far, city looks interesting and I like the idea of choosing who to place in charge of areas etc.
  16. E3 2016: Content Experience

    I also agree, last year I thought it was starting to look rather dull and dated and this year it feels like that even more.
  17. E3 2016: Content Experience

    I can't find an original source but I've read that towns have been removed for the purpose of the demo. This is also just a small area of the map, so perhaps there is foresty areas. I hope there is.
  18. E3 2016: Content Experience

    Yeah looks pretty to me, looks like a pretty awesome game too.
  19. Resident EVII_: P.T. Pretender

    I thought it was interesting, I'm happy to see the series try something different after the last few 10 years of mostly bad shooters.
  20. E3 2016: Content Experience

    For their time Spider-man on PS1 and Spider-man 2 on PS2 were good games, they certainly don't hold up now. Insomniac are a solid developer with some very fun games(Ratchet & Clank series, Resistance 3) so all of that has me interested in this. Also the trailer looked rather fun. Maybe Marvel are finally taking licensed games as seriously as their films.
  21. That's my experience as well.
  22. It is so frustrating when you can't find a good game. Haven't had any good games this weekend, the people I'm playing with just don't understand the basics of the games or characters despite being level 20. I'm talking about leaving the starting area with a guy swinging Reindhart's hammer at enemies 20 metres away bad. Gets annoying when I just want a fun match. Also got accused of trolling for playing Pharah indoors(it was in one of the buildings with high catwalks on the edges), it's hilarious when people desperately try to pin the blame on losing to just one person.
  23. Hitman: Steve Gaynor Edition

    I'm at a loss for what to do with either targets. I've gotten to the areas that they're in but I can't see any clear ways to take either of them out in a clean manner. There's so many people to spot you as well that getting to them is already quite a task. This map seems to make less use of its sprawl than Sapienza. I've only come across one opportunity so far playing with them on minimal.
  24. I think that's because it's not a server, it's just some people thrown together who will probably never see each other again. TF2 servers had a sense of community about them which is lost when you just join random games with random people, just like what happened in WOW when they introduced the cross server Dungeon Finder.