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  1. Video Game of Thrones

    Looks like show, but might be far enough removed to be both? (I haven't read the books, sorry) It's an exploration of a minor background family (The Forresters). If you're not already invested in the universe, I'd suggest staying away from the game to be honest (this opinion subject to change with later episodes). It's not a stellar standalone right now, it's adequate and worth playing eventually with that upfront investment though.
  2. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hi, I'm listening from the start. I'm up to the part where Nick just left and Steve joined full time for semi-regular podcasts. Pretend I'm from 2010, because that's where I'm up to podcast wise. Maybe I should send a time capsule style reader mail? I discovered Idle Thumbs from Boost's appearance on Tone Control, which was recommended to me by that Wolfire dude while we were discussing Extra Credits. I develop indie video games.. but right now am procrastinating using the Starcraft campaign (because I never finished that thing and everyone says it's good). I play lots of Hearthstone, bits of Starcraft, into Antichamber right now... I like little weird indie things and mostly stay away from the AAA space (until they're cheap years later). Have been considering Shadows of Mordor, that looks different enough that I might like it, is it worth playing? I've heard it's similar to Arkham Asylum, liked that game. Yea. You dudes and dudettes seem rad.