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  1. GORDON!!!! I don't think it's a spoiler to mention that he gets more delightful with every appearance.


    "I would like Agent Cooper to take me home." You and the rest of the world, sister.


    Nadine's storyline is not beloved, but I think Wendy Robie does an excellent job. (And actually I did end up liking this storyline.)


    Leo's homecoming party is one of my favorite scenes in the whole show. It strikes the perfect note of dark humor and comeuppance for Leo while pulling back enough that we aren't made too uncomfortable by Bobby and Shelley taking advantage of a helpless man, however heinous.


    Mike's creepy spirit voice is great, and I love the just-hammy-enough look into the camera for his "Few can see it. The gifted...and THE DAMNED" part of the speech.

  2. Yay, Diane! I feel like Cooper hasn't talked to her in awhile. Glad those earplugs got there safely.
    Mr. Tojamura sounds like Princess Leia when she's got her bounty-hunter mask on in Return of the Jedi. I kept expecting him to tell someone they had hibernation sickness.
    Donna's story is pretty mesmerizing, and a little mysterious after Fire Walk With Me.

    Is that a weird, oblique retelling of their excursion to the Canadian strip-club? Donna was drugged at the time and maybe that's how her brain reorganized that experience.


    I enjoyed Cooper raising his hand at the trial like the judge was a teacher taking attendance.

  3. Re: Fire Walk With Me-

    I think it's important going in understanding that it's not going to answer much about the show (or at least the ending) and that it's very different in tone. I suspect that's why the movie's gotten a much better reputation in recent years than when it came out: people know what to expect now. That's what allowed me to enjoy it, anyway.


    As to the subject matter, I'm fortunate enough that none of it related to my firsthand experience, but I have a family member who is very similar to Laura Palmer in many ways. I found it a very truthful movie and maybe because of that it felt good to watch even though it disturbed me.


    About the episode-


    I know this storyline is pretty unpopular, but Andy and his sperms make me laugh, damn it. I agree that it goes on waaaay too long and is goofy as hell, but to me it's more watchable than many of the other plotlines that start cropping up in the near future.


    Doc Hayward's quasi-defense of, or at least sympathy with, Leland is really darkly ironic. I forget; does he ever find out it was Leland who killed Laura? I don't remember him reacting to it and I imagine he would since he and his family were so close with Laura. (In my head, no one in Twin Peaks except the people who watched Leland die know that he was the murderer. It's the only way I can justify the non-reaction from everyone in the town at his wake.)

  4. ...it feels like the darkness that surrounds Twin Peaks has a lot to do with spoiling the innocence of young people and trafficking them in a sexual way

    That's the reason I'm glad they never had Audrey and Cooper enter into a physical relationship. The circumstances of that would've been different, but it's still not quite right and even ickier in context of the town.

  5. How do the new viewers react to Harold Smith? I've watched 'Peaks' several times with new people and some people seem to get creeped out by him whilst others find him sweet.

    The first time I watched I was super creeped out by him. This time I am still creeped out by him.

    When he loses it after Maddie and Donna try to steal the diary, is he going to hurt them? I was 100% convinced he was going to try and murder them, but then he's painted in a weirdly sympathetic light so maybe I misinterpreted...?


    Albert's speech: love it. It hits the same funny-real spot that Andy's crying at crime scenes does, and the result is that I laughed my ass off listening to him without it seeming like just a joke. It adds some depth to his character, giving a few layers in addition to his asshole nature instead of erasing it.


    I do find the scene where Donna shouts all her frustrations at Laura's grave pretty effective. One, it reminds us that Donna isn't really as nice a person as she might have seemed in the pilot. Or maybe she's just very immature.

    I agree that it gives Donna some shading beyond "nice girl", but to me it didn't feel immature, and if it was mean it was understandably so. What we're learning about Laura is that she was a very complicated, difficult, and maybe scary person, so it makes sense that Donna would have complicated feelings about her and be angry.


    And two, it keeps the effect where the ghost of Laura seems like a character in her own right. I love that about this show, the more we learn about her life and her fate, the more real she seems to us.

    Laura's such a good character, something that's rare enough even when the person involved isn't a murdered teenage girl. That's one of the things that makes Twin Peaks special to me, that Laura isn't just a plot point. (That's also why I loved Fire Walk With Me.)

  6. That guitar scene was fucking awful.

    I'm pretty sure I've never actually watched the whole thing- that was the one and only scene I fast-forwarded even in my first watch.


    And now, after a search to see if other people had screencapped what I already screencapped, I'm watching this at 1am:

    How handy! Although it'd probably take me an hour to get my eyeliner looking that perfect...


    This was when I got onboard with Audrey's character. She's so much more interesting and genuinely take-charge than any of the other teenage characters, and a fair number of the adults. I like that she's got Ben's savvy and craftiness without his overweening selfishness.

  7. "Your former partner flew the coop, Coop"


    This episode has a lot of delightful and unexpected emotional connections being shared over meals. I love the Major and Log Lady's connection and the gravity with which he treats her log's pronouncements. (Magaret and the Major would be a good spinoff title; I'm picturing a very courtly supernatural sitcom.) I also love Albert and Cooper's breakfast which shows some thawing of their relationship. Albert makes a joke! He asks how Cooper's feeling! Maybe there's a heart under there after all. Thankfully he's as snarky as ever; "Senor Droolcup" makes me laugh and I think it's the only name that guy gets.


    Because I watched this show for the first time very recently, I had heard a lot about Bob climbing over the couch as it really freaked a lot of people out and stuck in their memories. When I finally saw it, it wasn't that scary to me. (Though Bob behind the bedpost freaked me right out and still does.) I did, however, get a shiver at the Major's printouts. The repeating, mindless-or-possibly-not COOPER COOPER COOPER.....brrr.

  8. I still don’t understand why or how Leland’s hair is supposed to have turned white.

    When I watched the series for the first time I was absurdly grateful for that. For most of the show I had a really hard time telling Ben and Leland apart, for some reason. I had the same problem with basically everybody on Band of Brothers, too, so maybe it's just me.

    All the post-death explanations of Leland's weirdness: the hair, the dancing, etc. is so unfortunate. It seems like a clear instance of a writer or writers who just don't get it trying to rationalize Lynch's dreamy incomprehensability, and the result is laughable.


    I try hard not to think of Ronette's nightmare, just like I try hard not to think about Bob crouched behind the bedpost. Laura is scary, scary, scary in this episode.


    Maybe Diane puts up with Cooper's endless tapes because every once in awhile he drops some wisdom. His observation on fear is pretty beautiful, and Kyle MacLachlan sells it better than the similar observation put forth in Dune. :)


  9. I love the Giant. He manages to give off an air of authority that's both kind and mournful, all while spouting pretty ridiculous riddles.


    Major Briggs' speech to Bobby - what a transformative moment for that character (both of them really, but the Major especially)

    Damn, what a good scene. That's a pretty dramatic character shift from season one,

    in season 2, whenever Bobby is with his family he seems like a better person than he's able to be with Shelly- it's like he's started to realize that his parents are good people.


    Leland singing "Get Happy" at the Hayward Supper Club. The little girl playing the piano is Kyle MacLachlan's creepy little sister from Dune.

    She also grew up to be an excellent actress: that's Alicia Witt. She's been in quite a lot; last year she was a major character on Justified.
    I'd love if she was a part of the new season. If they wanted to get really meta with it they could populate half the cast with the original cast's daughters: the Deschanel sisters, Rashida Jones, and Amber Tamblyn.
    (Hi, guys! It's been fun listening to the podcast and weirdly not too many of my friends are interested in talking about a 25 year old TV show...)