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  1. Hello again folks! Due to the success of Readerwatch 2017, the best Overwatch tourney in the known universe, the gang is coming back harder and more aggressive with a 3v3 round robin single elimination Overwatch tournament. If you'd like to sign up here, we will get people into teams of their choosing shortly: Team signups: Also join our Slack and the #overwatch channel for more awesome info.
  2. Readerwatch 3v3 Triwizard Overwatch Tournament

    Posting for bump, this is this weekend. You should sign up!
  3. I don't think the cards are harmful - in fact, I think they fall in line with the stated goals of making the game seem friendly to people and their contributions vs. kill/death ratios. Most of the frustrations you have with Bastion might also be tackled by the upcoming Bastion rework as well.
  4. Hi folks: I'm organizing an Overwatch tournament for the Slack chat crew and was told to post this on the forums. We're hosting a tiny Overwatch tourney for fun and maybe a prize or two, mostly for fun. It will be teams competing in the custom match format (to be determined how teams are picked and rules) and if you'd like to be a part, get in early and sign up using our awesome registration form: We're up to 4 admins right now so I think we're good on those, and this will be streamed (hopefully) but if you have any expertise with running tournaments, streaming or other logistical stuff for this sort of thing, please let me know. I am very new to this. Thanks!
  5. Hello, I am putting this right here. Pat pat pat.
  6. I'm not a liberal but cool, bye!
  7. The idea you can just slide this post in here looking polite but throwing out "I don't want to trigger you into running a safe space" and "virtue signalling" like no one's going to notice is foolhardy at best. Maybe this isn't the forum for you, even if you've been here a long time.
  8. Idle Cook Club - Veggie Feeds-me: My Body Is Ready

    So I inadvertently fulfilled the cooking club challenge so I am posting here and will be keeping up on the thread more now! This is one-wok beef stir fry, definitely not according to any recipe and definitely not authentic in the slightest but still very tasty. Ingredients: cheap chuck steak cut into strips, zucchini, carrots, onions, broccoli. I marinated the chuck steak over night in teriyaki marinade with soy sauce, sri racha, ginger, garlic and granulated onion. I made sure to fry the aromatics (garlic/onions) first, then in went the meat, added additional sri racha, soy, ginger. Then carrots/zucchini, then broccoli at the end since it was a frozen bag and I had steamed it in the microwave. Then I added some flour to thicken the sauce a bit in the final product. Poured this over fluffy rice from the rice maker.
  9. Mouth Feel - The Summer Wizard Cocktail Jam

    Dear god, man, Malort? Do you really hate yourself that badly?
  10. Mouth Feel - The Summer Wizard Cocktail Jam

    Yeah, this is why mine doesn't precisely have a working set of instructions yet - this is getting mixed and tested this weekend on my very own guinea pig. For science!
  11. Mouth Feel - The Summer Wizard Cocktail Jam

    I'm hyped and ready for this! Edit: So right now the recipe has been modified and we're looking to sample some different methods of preparation. Basically we've decided on muddling the strawberriesas well as going to try what the final drink looks like shaken vs. stirred. I'm thinking stirred, my friend thinks shaken. Edit 2: FINAL FORM POSTED. This is seriously a very fruity but slightly herby cocktail that is refreshing and not too heavy on the tongue. Be careful though, this goes down quick and gets you drunker'n fuck.
  12. Is anyone having trouble listening to this episode? Pocketcasts can't play it, and I'm trying to stream it from the IT site directly and it's not working. Soundcloud works at least.
  13. I only know about Monster Factory via other people, but I've really not indulged in anything any of the McElroys of any stripe have done and so I am kinda happy Chris hasn't either. This is my favorite rap/game mashup:
  14. Life

    Can I ask what's so important about being friends with exes? If it's a principle thing, I ask why it's crucial especially since these exes seem to not be good friends in general, would you tolerate this sort of behavior from non-ex pals? There's no reason to keep shitty people who harp on things that are long and gone all because you dated once. For me, once I started having really close, good friends who treat me really respectfully, I started noticing friends who didn't do that and wondered why I was keeping them around. Friends are not in such short supply that you don't deserve ones that treat you the best! Exes might feel like friends because they know you but it's fairly obvious at least one of them only knows you in a very limited way that is used to hurt you repeatedly and keeps going against your wishes. That's not friend-behavior. That's just rude as fuck. Dump the ex!
  15. Phones

    I've been consistently on HTC or Samsung Galaxys (On Galaxy 4 right now) and they have been alright. But yeah, I hate pre-installed apps you can't get rid of. Also, if you get a phone, please get an Otterbox. I know they are kinda huge and clunky but I cannot tell you how many times I have dropped my phone and nothing has happened to it.
  16. Other podcasts

    I'm going to engage in some nepotism and tell everyone to listen to podcasts made by my lady pals who were also former co-hosts or guests on Justice Points: Pop Culture Coven: First season goes into in-depth explorations of the guest's favorite fictional character. Media Mavens: Two ladies talk about whatever media they enjoyed that week!
  17. Feminism

    I brought it up merely as an example. Basically, in general, unions won't solve everything, a shift towards better labor practises would be a good step in the gaming industry. As others have said, Nintendo should have ideally shielded their employees better re: harassment, but it sounds like, if Alison is to be believed, that they've been quietly been moving her away from the public for a number of reasons. Which is something a company is allowed to do and I'm not sure if it's a fair thing. The firing due to moonlighting reason seems to point more towards something they found culturally (as in corporate culture) repulsive, which is also weird, but also might not have been something they found out due to the harassment. However, none of this seems to be happening to men in general so it feels like the two problems with both Nintendo's corporate culture and game companies not protecting employees. Do I wish huge swarms of people were not posting Miitomo pics? Yeah, maybe? On the other hand, I don't go to Chick-fil-A and they seem to still have millions of restaurants. The downside to why I think boycotting is overall sort of useless is because a) the system is rigged for it to not hurt the right people individual actions amount to very little in the face of large corporations Is it really frustrating to see this sort of thing play out? Absolutely and that's something I get. But we need a lot of people to be on the same page here in order to get Nintendo or any gaming company to actually care about all of their employees in that way. Same with getting companies to protect their employees regarding big harassment groups.
  18. Feminism

    I generally push for talking about and sharing/raising consciousness about unionization and labor practises. Because this was a shitty thing for an employer to do to anyone, let alone Nintendo. The game industry has a horrific history and legacy of treating employees like shit. Generally I don't observe or promote boycotts just for that reason - it often hurts people at the bottom line rather than the top and there's very little ethical consumption under capitalism. So I opt to try and put more of my money, voice and time into positive actions like labor reform (I went to big union rallies in Wisconsin when Walker was trying to bust those up in our state.) It's something very needed for gaming. Alison's story was up on CNN tonight, actually, which is kinda mindblowing.
  19. Feminism

    I wasn't making a point about what the worst thing was, only talking about that in relation to how I have complicated feelings about all this. I am not even sure why I feel upset about it because this post literally went up on Gamasutra an hour and fifteen ago and I'm sure it will be applauded for being fair despite being a larger summation of precisely the same things I said: See? That's how you do it, I guess! Weird.
  20. Feminism

    No, it's not an open invitation. But that varnish gets carried out indefinitely, mostly by male allies. It's an intracommunity thing that just never gets talked about really, but unlike a lot of random dudes online, a lot of feminists I know have way more decorum. What harassment campaigns have effectively done is flattened the ability to have a normal amount of public disagreement down to nothing.
  21. Feminism

    Well, I mean, I'm an adult and I know how to conduct myself politely, I was just explaining my thoughts on it. But this is an interesting point about social justice and how it plays out online: a lot of people are quite alright turning a blind eye to someone's sketchier politics if their overall points seem sound. Alison is known around the "circle" for being a pretty outspoken feminist in games, that's how I came across her vs. being a Nintendo person. A lot of men, in particular, like pedastalling women as feminists and getting angry when feminists disagree with eachother because there's always the good/bad woman narrative. It makes no one "random" in that way. A lot of the major targets of harassment have become so galvanized because of the harassment campaigns that it becomes nigh impossible for anyone to tackle what they say genuinely about any topic. So in this way, this is doubly why I hate GG: not only are they putting people through hell, they have effectively shut down needed discourse about publicly-held views on things.