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  1. They say that ideas are a dime a dozen. And I would say that I have personally proven that more times than I can count. I don't get more than two days into a new idea before I completly lose faith in it. Am I just working on uninteresting projects or is my inner critic stifling my work ethic? If anyone else is dealing with similar problems I would love to hear your experiences. For what its worth I'm working in Twine, but I feel this problem is not exclusive to it.
  2. Can someone explain...

    ...why this video exists? All I can glean is that Sean is "fucking serious".
  3. Burning out rapidly on ideas

    I'm definitly going to check this out. A game a week seems like it would be just the thing to get me to complete projects before burnout.
  4. Burning out rapidly on ideas

    I had gotten really excited about a project about the monotony of life and how it can drain you creativly. But the idea quickly got out of hand and I kind of lost the point of it. I feel like that project was too personal and therefore lost it's luster when I was no longer emotionally attached. Perhaps I should divorce my emotions from my work somewhat? You kind of hit the nail on the head on this. I'm probably spending too much time being dissatisfied with my work instead of focusing on generating new work. Thanks for the initial replies. I usually just try to process any issues I have on my own, but this 'advice of other people' thing is seemingly helping.
  5. This War of Mine

    Oh god read this steam review. Seems like this game really conveys the feelings of desperation when you are struggling to survive and will probably break my heart ten times over, which makes me hesitant. Looks excellent though.
  6. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hey. Been listening since 121 - (I Know You're Having Fun But) I'm Still Working. Recently went back and listened to everything after the kickstarter. I'm not typicaly a 'forum guy', but you all seem pretty cool. Looking forward to Video Games.
  7. The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

    You guys ever listen to Andrew Jackson Jihad? I just picked up on them last week and am really enjoying their stuff. This is probably their most popular song. Also just thinking about the logistics of that OKGO video make my brain hurt.