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  1. Does it have to mean anything this is why I think Social Media is ruining shows like this Not EVERYTHING has to have a meaning this is how I live my life
  2. What film did that guy say he liked ?
  3. The guy at the Bang Bang Bar saying that he was going to f@#$ that girl was reminisant of Bobby Peru in Wild at Heart The costumes those 3 women wore in Vegas in the scene with Jim Belushi were similar to what Melissa George wore in Mulholland Dr
  4. I guess I'm the only one who didn't mind Candy Clark
  5. Did anyone else catch the Mulholland Dr. and Wild at Heart references?
  6. But yet you can "accept" a midget who talks backwards?
  7. Quick question What's the best site for Twin Peaks Wallpapers and Animated gifs? Thanks
  8. Sorry yes I stand corrected there
  9. If Days of Our Lives etc have been on TV for decades I expect Invitation to Love to be as well Actually with the bigger names of the cast I kinda expected them to be actors on Invitation to Love
  10. The only thing I kinda want spoiled is, is Invitation To Love still on TV
  11. Random thought was anyone reminded of
  12. I was reminded of the Harry Dean Stanton watching Hyena's on the TV in Mulholland Dr. scene actually I get a sense of deja vu with a few of the things happening in this series
  13. One thing I noticed is at the end at The Bang Bang Bar the Aussie actress Gia Carides is one of the women with Shelley I think Lynch loves Australians as there were 2 in Mulholland Dr.
  14. I think people are over-analysing every little thing, which is what I feared since there was no Social Media the first time around Why not watch it and "let it wash over you" things don't need to be explained
  15. Having just watched EPs 1 & 2 One thing I am curious about is Where does Ep 1 end and Ep 2 begin?
  16. I cant wait im up to Ep.11 watching one a day
  17. Do people really thinking these greiving scenes are played for laughs I am on the opposite opinion i find them tragic
  18. Re the Bobby speech at the funeral I was thinking when he said "you know who killed her, we all did" the first person they cut to would be the killer using the old cliche and that was James
  19. Yes i smiled at that as well
  20. Twin Peaks Rewatch 1: Pilot

    Watching the international version of the pilot and at the 1:34 mark there is a face in the mirror above the mothers head
  21. Twin Peaks Rewatch 1: Pilot

    the scene that has stayed with me is the one just before they announce Laura's death there is a girl running and screaming in the schoolyard. Donna then turns and see's an empty chair and then starts crying
  22. Hey from Australia found your podcast by accident am starting a Twin Peaks Marathon [our] tomorrow so i plan to rewatch an episode and then listen to your podcast afterwards at least I have a few to catch up on