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  1. I would play Dota 2 if there was a Remo-Breckon voice pack for it. There's so much possible source material! Oh man. Chris is welcome to script his barks but you should just push Breckon into a room with a mic and just use his first twenty lines.
  2. Frank's vocabulary lesson in this episode is visible in Google search terms.
  3. Satoru Iwata has passed away

    The memorial efforts of reddit user FuzzyFish6: Only 55 years old. An unfortunate time for Nintendo to lose him, too, with the NX being revealed next year and their attempts to transition into mobile games.
  4. I assumed it was one of the three or four dancing monkey GIFs that were to be found on quite a few Monkey Island fan pages back then – quite cool that you had made your own. As the proud owner of a neon yellow GeoCities site in the early 2000s, that was more effort than I put in.
  5. Spaff's Monkey Island site (or, as its creator apparently preferred that it be called, SPAFF'S MONKEY ISLAND PAGE) went down long before ArchiveTeam started crawling Geocities for sites so all we have is a 2001 Internet Archive scrape. Unfortunately because the images weren't cached and the site seems to have been composed almost exclusively of images very little has been left behind. We can determine from the image names, though, that the title image was flanked by a pair of dancing monkeys. It was also apparently a member of Murray's Web ring. Appropriately the "Give Me a Monkey Site!" button on the latter website linked to Mix'n'Mojo on the second try.
  6. My understanding was that the small pool in the circle of sycamore trees was filled with the same black oil. The Log Lady tells Cooper at the beginning of the episode that her husband described the oil as "an opening to a gateway". This allows Cooper to recognize the pool as the entrance to the Black Lodge when he comes across it among the sycamore trees – when he kneels down to examine it he repeats "an opening to a gateway".
  7. GTA V has many wonderful mods. Here's a video of one that replaces bullets with cars. The creator of the video also happend to have the animal bodies mod installed at the same time because he's got some excellent taste.
  8. Regarding the listener email asking for podcast recommendations on film technique it's hard to recommend an audio only medium like podcast for something that's focused so explicitly on the visual elements of what is fundamentally a visual medium. I can however recommend a great YouTube channel run by professional editor Tony Zhou called Every Frame a Painting. Zhou is very focused on the compositional elements of film and so his videos largely deal with things like blocking, transitions, and camera movement. Two really good examples of the channel are is his two most recent — his video on and his video on the classic . Although a lot of these concepts don't apply as much to television prior to the 2000s due to the constraints of a 4:3 film ratio they'll still serve to make a viewer much more aware of the artistry of visual media.
  9. He has it in his chest pocket when he initially walks into Ben's cell. It disappears when Jerry and Ben hug so either they shot the bed scenes before the hug or someone on set was thoughtful enough to drop it onto the bunk bed. The mystery deepens with yet another dangling plot thread in Twin Peaks. Also I didn't notice this until now but all of the license plates in Twin Peaks say "The Timber State"; Washington's actual license plate slogan is the "Evergreen State"
  10. When Leland rushes downstairs after James smashes the lamp he's clearly completely baffled by the situation, which is fair, because ignoring everything else that ought to confuse Leland about what was going on, the fact that James' reaction to anything is just to smash up stuff in his deceased girlfriend's home, or anyone's home, is just absurd. A nice touch is that we see James run out of the house after Laura leaving a distraught Maddie and baffled Leland and apparently doesn't even come back to apologize because when Truman and Cooper arrive later to arrest Leland they walk in through the door that he had left when he charged out of the house. Man, James.
  11. Unfortunately there's not a lot of ambiguity in the German title — "Cooper's Traeume". I wasn't able to identify any other plays on words in the German titles (I sent in the email to the last podcast about it) however while trawling some fan sites and forums I did come across more than one argument that episode 16/17 is one. It's titled "Arbitrary Law" in US releases but the literal translation of its German title, "Selbstjustiz", is vigilantism. I'm not personally convinced that the relation is intentional but Lynchjustiz, lynching, is a form of selbstjustiz.
  12. My understanding is that they aired like that in Japan, without dubbing. It's worth nothing that while Twin Peaks was a successful cult series in the US, it was an absolute phenomena in Japan. It was shown in both dubbed and subbed versions and gained such a large following that Fire Walk With Me was released there four months before it was screened in the US and travel agencies sold vacation packages to Snoqualmie, where the series was shot.
  13. I think that casting the same actress as both Maddie and Laura was done quite deliberately for a number of reasons not directly related to the show's soap opera roots. Most significantly it's intended to highlight the contrast between the two characters; Maddie is as sweet and innocent as Laura is dark and deceptive. This kind of duality is big in Twin Peaks, the most obvious example being that between Cooper's picturesque small town America and the darkness in the woods.