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  1. Ah, Harry Truman. So you mentioned in the podcast that you weren't certain if the actor, Michael Ontkean, was doing a great job in his role, or if it is just more his type of personality that he brings to the role. Haven't seen much of his filmography, but he was in Ned Braden in Slap Shot. So that was a role where he was required to be a D***. He wasn't going to win an Oscar for the performance, but it was a big stretch from Harry, and I buy him in both roles. Now, later on in Twin Peaks, SPOILER ALERT - (people might piece things together) When Harry is in mourning, Ontkean's acting goes a little south for me, takes me out of the moment. Not sure if that was intentional melodrama Twin Peaks sometimes goes for, but not quite right. But I guess if I have more to say about it, we can wait till that episode comes along.
  2. I watch Twin Peaks every couple years. This time, I was inspired to come back upon hearing that Lynch and Frost were going to be creating 13 new episodes for Showtime. Once I started rewatching, I had to see what podcasts would be out there, which brought me to you guys. I will definitely be checking out your other podcasts, as well. My intro to Twin Peaks was basically my mom and grandma (soap opera lovers) watching this when it first aired, making me about 9 at the time. As the show got darker and darker, and weirder and weirder, my mom and gran called it quits, but I was hooked. The second it came out on VHS it was on the top of my x-mas list, and then ended up there again when the DVD set came out. So happy to be able rewatch, listen, and converse along the way. Given you guys the "glad hand!"