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  1. If you guys have any desire to eventually do another episode other than the Final Dossier I'd love to hear your thoughts on the season explicitly from the perspective of two guys in gamedev. Between the lodge casino quest indicators, the final boss fight, thesearchforthezone/reddit detecting irl essentially being a text-based/critical analysis video game, and i feel like some other stuff i'm forgetting, it seems like a rich topic? Possibly one intentionally cultivated by Lynch to a certain extent? Would love to hear about whether Lynch has influenced your own work at all as well. Feel like y'all are obviously more qualified than any other peaks podcasters to talk about this, if it interests you. If it doesn't, nvm! I may be alone in feeling these vibes. (i assume you're not doing more episodes at the moment, just throwing it out there and lamenting that i didn't get this question in in time) :-( ALL.
  2. There's a theory that the universe is shaped like this
  3. Yeah, if I can accept cheesy floating balls of blackened flesh and caged Mr. C's heads and Major Briggs heads in the red room and the theatre, I'm kind of ok with accepting the idea of whatever any CGI sketch is trying to get across
  4. Man, I literally don't see how you reach the concluding disappointment of this quote from the start of this quote. It's a really interesting interpretation that makes sense, that i have not seen, and that I have not thought of. It reads as fun and valuable exploratory curiosity but you spin it into begrudging empty digging. wtf! edit: wait, are you mocking others who came up with this theory or is this your theory?
  5. Yeah I think he's dropped the caps at BMD now too
  6. In my opinion nothing about this season's handling of rape has resembled "villain is bad" shorthand. It's one of the more in-depth depictions of long term trauma and psychological damage I've seen in recent memory, along with Big Little Lies. Maybe it's a bummer that it involved three beloved characters and maybe this isn't what you want twin peaks to be, but likening it to a cheap SVU narrative stab when that's not at all how it's functioning is absurd to me.
  7. What is Mr. C doing? Did he attempt to 'return' someone with his dna to the lodge in his place?
  8. I mean the Sheriff's Station line lends the theory a lot of credence. I just wonder, if she was a psychic projection given form, whether some incredibly crude signifiers of her actual identity might logically work their way in depending on who projected her, (though her actual form's whiteness would certainly take some 'splainin [essence of the David Lynch Blonde??])
  9. This is fucking awesome. It's wild to me that a track title from the original run's official sountrack was verbalized, lol. Kind of means we have to question the reality of the whole s3 show-world, even if maybe not quite literally.
  10. Right, I just am not sure if having a character simply fetishize that stuff without it being commented on is necessarily less problematic, especially since we don't have the details yet.
  11. Well, if we're to believe the prop phones, she received it two hours and six minutes *before* he sent it. I considered timezones but if he's farther west he'd be behind her timewise, not ahead. Unless... Unless timezones are BACKWARDS
  12. Listening now and wanted to clarify before I forget - The text Diane received in episode 12 did only say "Las Vegas?" and with the same capitalization as Doppelcooper's sent text. The question of the fbi asking about vegas came from Diane's response: "THEY HAVEN'T ASKED YET." Minorly potentially notable though is that he sends the text at 9:34pm and she receives it at "19:28" so 7:28pm (according to their prop phones, lol).
  13. I think 'retcon' is being a bit overused when none of this stuff was all that pinned down in the first place. Maddy was always a bizarre and uncanny soap presence and I would not blink if I were told she was 'manufactured for a purpose'. (Aren't all characters? ) I doubt the show will deal with her anymore so it's probably just a matter of headcanon.
  14. Three points about Truman undersharing with Cole: 1. It's well-established that time is being presented somewhat nonlinearly and it's possible that the phone call happens before the sheriff's department has made the headway in the case we know they will/have. It's also possible that time in Twin Peaks alone is fucked up, so the phone call could literally be happening on different days for each party. 2. Frank is unassertive to a fault and you joke about this with the miranda rights but we've seen him lazily withhold important information in the past as well (with his wife, regarding getting her dad's car fixed I think?). 3. Even if everything is as it seems, I think the withholding is frustrating to such an obvious degree that it could serve as critique of prestige tv plot-blocking, as you guys alluded to but didn't reckon with as intentional beyond maintaining a particular internal rhythm/pace. Also, Monica Belluci's "Ancient Phrase" is apparently a loose translation from the Upanishads, and I think similar lines of fragments of these lines are said at some point in Inland Empire.
  15. they said Red in Lost Highway
  16. I really enjoyed that Lucy instantly recognized Gordon Cole's voice after 25 years.
  17. Did he say he starts to bleed if he takes it off or something? Maybe it's a slow process.
  18. The strange backrub directly answered a question of what's going to happen to Dale. He was in a situation where he could have died and he didn't as a result.
  19. You keep talking about this scene like it's merely the key to Lynch's big troll-game but there's so much more to it. It's the first time we've really seen Evil Cooper do anything post-Bob (because we've been busy seeing other storylines advance), and the way the match goes emphasizes his remaining strength and also how pain is just a deadpan game of tallying to him. It's a show largely about patterns of trauma and pain, and the scene speaks to exactly that (as well as serving as another loop like Sonny Jim's and Sarah's). As for the larger discussion I haven't left a single episode without being super intrigued by multiple developments. That along with what Lynch is doing with mood and tone make for a successful work so far imo. I'm not sure where else this discussion can go that's not you telling us we're being played and us/me telling you to watch with more patience, both of which are patronizing .
  20. The Dougie, FBI, and Evil Cooper threads are all pretty explicitly moving forward. Evil Cooper and the FBI are pretty obviously working towards a goal while Dougie-Cooper is bumbling forward, amassing a following, attracting attention of increasing relevance. Sure, the Fusco's tossed the key to his identity in the trash, but I think that was just a nod to the fact that Dougie-Cooper is on a journey and there isn't a secret unlock code (yet).
  21. I also enjoyed this piece by Andrew Bujalski. It loses steam a bit toward the end maybe but the opening dream stuff especially resonated with me. The first time I binged original run twin peaks I had sleep paralysis nightmares of Lost Highway Robert Blake as a giant head staring at me and smiling.