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  1. JA! What do you mean my name is made up!!!! Damian Martini, I spent my whole life saying "Yeah, like the drink" "haha, yeah the one James Bond drinks" still love my last name though XD. Loved the comment about BigDaddy putting eye paint in Kick Ass, so true. We should all get over the fact that SuperHeroes are actually quite narcissistic. I know my email was extremely long, sorry for that, however I would still like to get an answer for the EOY goals you set yourselves. The show is so awesome. Long live Waluigi!!!!
  2. OH man, I`ve only just started to play FFT (kinda like 2nd life to my psp) and this podcast was just for me. Funny you mention grinding. Check this strategy for stupid grinding. I got fed up with not having items at the beginning of the game, so I changed all my characters to chemists and went to the first battles (those lame goblins) and I would just surround a goblin with all my characters and throw potions at all my characters while the lame goblin is going crazy with tornado punches lol. I got that job to max in like 2 hours, from there it`s a walk in the park. I cant imagine how weird that fight must have looked like to the goblin though...
  3. Oh man, so hilarious you should mention that!!! That has been driving me crazy since I was a child. I used to wonder why every halloween Batman costume always looked lame until I figured it out, eye makeup. I am a huuuuuuge Batman fan, I`ve watched everything since Lewis Wilson to Bale`s grumpy marble chewing crusader. And a moment I`ll always cherish is when Michael Keaton removes his mask at the end of Batman Returns to show Selina Kyle to try to convince her to stop. The funny thing is that you can see all throughout the movie that he is wearing the famous eye makeup, but in that shot, just before he removes the mast, he is not (the make up has magically dissapeared) so that only his clean face is showing when he takes out the mask. Anyway I thought it was funny how they thought a black eye batman would be totally lame and to resource to such a cheap trick, specially from Burton who was considered a good director at the time. Keep up the awesome work, Long live Waluigi!!!!
  4. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hey guys. My name is Damian and steam user is cerb3r0, I play almost anything I can get my hands on either old or new. I listen to the podcast and watch trailers and gameplay of the games readers recommend so those recommendations are always welcome. I am a teacher of English that now works at an office 9 hs a day as an Admin, so I spend my days listening to every Video game podcast available, and Idle Thumbs has a special place in my heart. Just wanted to say hi to everyone and please keep up the awesome work.